Our Post-Hamas Wreckage

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

As Hamas goes, so with it go many of the following related Western pretensions.

The Passions of 9/11, Redux

It has been 22 years since we saw crowds throughout the Middle East celebrating the murder of 3,000 civilians—and since newspapers had daily “idiot watch” notices of American intellectuals defending radical Islamist mass murderers. And now the madness is back again, and we are witnessing the recrudescence of normalizing radical Islamic terrorists abroad.

I suppose the theory is that no one in America cares much about radical Islamists foaming at the mouth, whether abroad or here. And the result is that they are empowered and their defense of murder is growing—yet its hubris will earn an almost-certain response, an anger slowly but insidiously growing at radical Islam.

A Middle East Policy in Ruins 

The current Biden appeasement of Iran and gift of billions of dollars in aggregate to the West Bank and Gaza are now, by bipartisan consensus, unsustainable. The only supporters of that lethal madness left are the embarrassments of BLM, the Squad, the Democratic Socialists of America, and the campus crowd.

Their collective hatred of Jews and Israelis was manifested in their delight over the post mortem mutilations of murdered women and children. And why—even before Israel had responded with air attacks—were leftists and Islamists suddenly celebrating the news of the executions of more than 1,200 Jews? It was instinctual, a Pavlovian response.

Even some leftist Democrats were shocked by their own constituents, whom they had created. Biden still might cling to his past destructive Middle East policies (and I expect him to restrict the Israelis within days after they begin to go in full force into Gaza), but the idea of continuing aid to the West Bank and Gaza or of “normalizing” relations with theocratic Iran will now be rightly seen as a suicidal delusion.

Ukraine and Gaza

Most Americans support arms for Ukraine to repel Russian aggressors.

But something is becoming strange about these two respective wars.

Why did the State Department more or less put no restrictions on Ukrainian retaliation, including operations against the Russian Black Sea Fleet—but the Secretary of State almost immediately called for a “ceasefire” to prevent Israeli retaliation, a mortal sin if he had dared say that about Ukraine’s similar response to aggression? Would an American diplomat lecture Ukraine about ending the “cycle of violence?”

Why does the U.S. discount any possibility of a strategic response from Russia—which reportedly has some 6,000-7,000 nuclear weapons—to attacks on its homeland, but seems almost terrified about calling Iran to account for its central role in arming and funding terrorists to start a war with Israel by slaughtering 1,200 civilians?

Is the U.S., as professed, really able to fund a $120 billion—and counting—war in Ukraine, and to replenish Israeli stocks (300,000 artillery shells shipped from U.S. depots in Israel to Ukraine, a reportedly mere one-month supply for Kyiv), and to restore depleted existing U.S. munitions (note the billions of dollars of equipment abandoned in Kabul), and to ramp up our forces to deter China (while allowing 8 million illegal aliens to flow across an open border and $33 trillion in national debt) without going on a massive war footing?

There are likely somewhere between 600,000 and 800,000 total wounded and dead in Ukraine, in the most lethal conflict in Europe since 1945. Why is the U.S. so eager to call for a ceasefire after a fraction of those casualties in Gaza, but it is near-taboo to mention a breather amid the historical carnage, with no end in sight, in Ukraine?

The administration always says we can do everything simultaneously, but then we never do. Rhetoric is not the same thing as trebling our arms supply chain, and cutting the budget elsewhere to pay for it, and closing our border.

The Biden Open Border

Given the common denominator of Russian and Gazan invading forces crossing poorly fortified borders, why would we not secure our own—far longer and less secure than either?

The Biden border nihilism is now a losing proposition even for the leftists who helped promote it. Biden is eroding the very base of the Democratic Party, by alienating inner-city and border-district minorities. They are irate at the hordes of people stampeding into the country with the assumption that breaking our laws is their birthright.

Even the daily mendacity of Alejandro Mayorkas and Karine Jean-Pierre cannot hide the brazen contempt for the law. Every day that the border remains open and thousands more pour in unaudited, illegally, without skills, in non-diverse fashion, and with cartel fentanyl—to the cheers of the corrupt socialist President Obrador of Mexico—the more Joe Biden is destroying his own party.

The ruin in Gaza only reminds Americans that under present policies we will soon see thousands of America-hating, anti-Semitic Gazans seeking to pour into the United States illegally, eager to join the mass demonstrations cheering on Hamas death squads. It seems to take about a month for a radical Middle Eastern refugee, having arrived with gratitude toward his new American hosts, to take to the street on a “Day of Jihad” calling for the end of Israel (and often damning America).

Allies as Enemies

Abroad, we are finally accepting the long-suppressed reality that many of our “allies” are not neutrals but enemies. The U.S. bases in Qatar and Turkey, and our indifference to the pro-Hamas sentiments, if not outright aid, of both, have empowered terrorism.

Ever so slowly, the two anti-American nations are reminding Americans that we need to draw down our forces from these hostile landscapes, which in any global crisis would likely be hostile territory for our own troops.

Everyone knows Erdogan’s Turkey has no business in NATO—and everyone has no idea how to get them out. And so everyone puts an asterisk over Turkey as a NATO member. For now, the alliance’s only Islamist, non-democratic, and anti-Western nation is best simply avoided, since expelling Turkey appears to be more trouble than tolerating its toxic presence.

The Palestinian State Solution 

The Left’s shrill demand for a “two-state” solution, and tolerance of Palestinian tired and serial threats to drive Israel into the sea, are for now over. The glee with which Gazans and West Bankers met the news of mass murder, mutilation, hostage-taking, rape, and the desecration of bodies is proof enough that these dictatorial governments probably do represent the majority of their citizens.

Most Gazans were giddy on hearing of the macabre methods of Hamas, and only wished that there had been more opportunity to spit on hostages, poke captive women, kick corpses, and torment the child and female trophies brought back from Israel. The Gazan delight in the grotesque was reminiscent of some medieval pogrom, or the Roman triumphs of old with their files of enslaved captives. And perhaps the desire to take captives and pass them back through the killing fields to Gaza reminds of the Aztec practice of seeking to capture rather than just kill their enemies, in order to have plenty of bodies for the human sacrifices on Templo Major.

The old idea of Gaza—self-governed since 2005-2006 by “one man, one vote, once” Hamas—as a possible “Singapore” with Hyatt and Four Seasons beaches, flush with hundreds of billions of dollars from the Gulf, Europe, the U.S. and the UN, is finally revealed as the farce it always was. That fantasy was simply antithetical to the Hamas nihilist charter, the logical manifestation of which was the slaughter inside Israel of hundreds of civilians.


BLM was always a corrupt, disingenuous operation—the craftier successor to the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton 1980s corporate shake-downs. But it is has finally jumped the shark with its sick support for Hamas murderers (note its recent posters glorifying Hamas’s hang-gliding butchery).

Its pro-death advocacy of Hamas is the pièce de résistance to the corruption and abdication of its leadership, the Kendi-con, and the lethal crime wave it helped spawn in major cities. Its racist agendas may linger for a while. But BLM is going the way of the 1960s Black Panthers—that is, one leading to general disgust, then to irrelevance, and finally to nothingness.

The still-remaining BLM murals in our major downtowns are already embarrassments and eroding reminders of the insanity that swept the country from 2020 to the present.


Universities have now crossed the Rubicon in de facto condoning their crazed students cheering on mass death. They made the argument after George Floyd that the country must listen to their pseudo-moral lectures, and now they unashamedly broadcast what they have become—traitors to the idea of an enlightened free society, and kindred spirits to the anti-Semitism, intolerance, and fascism of 1930s German universities.

Degrees from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford will soon become, not resume badges, but either embarrassments or certifications of a mediocre education. Or both.

Universities all rushed to embrace “decolonization”, starting with empty and ahistorical virtue signals and ending up paralyzed, as thousands of their own students showed the world how ecstatic they were over news that babies were murdered and women raped.

In response, their invertebrate administrators and faculty sat frozen for days, calculating how best to issue “on the one hand…on the other hand” mush. The first serious politician who calls for the taxing of the huge incomes of their endowments, for yanking the government out of the student loan business and returning the moral hazard to the universities who impoverish their own students, will win overwhelming support.

The Gaza of Hamas is going down, but so are a lot of corrupt institutions and ideas that threw in with its lot.

I would recommend against the Nazi reference: the Nazis didn’t deny knowledge of atrocities until *after the war*, making them a bad contrast to current Palestinians.

Admissions standards don’t seem particularly relevant here, and the recently-endemic slogan of “decolonization” is the overwhelming rationale given for Hamas-apologism.


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40 thoughts on “Our Post-Hamas Wreckage”

  1. Thank you Mr. Victor Davis Hanson for your continued reasoned, concise, evaluations of the state of the world. If people can not understand and argue what you describe, then they are the ignorant ones who got us into this mess and refuse to face and reject their previous loyalties for which they have clung to their whole lives. To concede you are right makes them have to give up their lifetime of false assumptions, deluded ideas, and hate. Most of these people will not be able to do this because it makes their lives seem worthless. Which, if they continue in their delusions, are worthless, unhelpful, and dangerous.

  2. While this seems all true and somewhat hopeful for our future, how can we ignore that the Democrat Socialist party led by BIden has earned more election funds than Democrats by 3 fold. all these funds are being used to quiet sensible logical minds like yours in media manipulation.

    1. ” . . . all these funds are being used to quiet sensible logical minds like yours in media manipulation.”

      True, but the credibility of the “fusion media” (thanks for that term, VDH) is tanking and it is increasingly true that the alternative media is becoming an important source of accurate information. This demonstrates the power of free speech and the wisdom of our 1st Amendment.

      Of much more concern to me is the corruption Executive Branch of the federal government. Who holds them to account? In theory, the Legislative Branch with the power of the purse strings and he Judicial Branch.

      But both of those branches have been partially corrupted and both entirely overwhelmed by having to play defense.

      By that, I mean the Executive Branch acts, and if that act is unlawful it will take months if not years before it can be stopped. Then, the Executive Branch makes a minor adjustment to the unlawful act and the cycle begins anew.

      I’m reminded of a response attributed to Stalin when he heard that the Pope had disapproved of something he’d done: “How many divisions does the Pope have?”

      In our case, who can police the policeman?

      1. “Who holds them to account?”

        Tough question. But one who wasn’t was McCarthy after breaking his promises and with his manipulation of their first CR giving Biden everything he asked for as a starter.

        Someone with principles is needed in DC. There may not be anyone. It’s been infested with grifters and sociopaths far too long.

  3. I always appreciate your views and opinions-based in historical facts. Thank you for your insight and truth. May everyone WAKE UP and see the truth of this satanic organization-Hamas-and all those related to it!!!

  4. The road we’re on now (first Ukraine and now Israel) reminds me very much of the road Germany found itself on when attacking the Soviet Union in WW-2.

    They had material and leadership superiority, but the Soviets traded Soviet lives to exhaust German material superiority and Stalin finally found that party loyalty is a poor substitute for command competence and made a few changes in the military leadership.

    If I read the tea leaves right, the next big war, if one comes, will be an ocean war against China where traditional land-based army warfare will play second fiddle to navies, air power and electronic gadgetry.

    Still, I worry bigly.


  5. I would hold onto the Nazi analogy even though Hamas fails to admit their killings are atrocities. The reason Hamas won’t call their heinous behavior an atrocity is their false assumption that they are doing the work of a divine. The Nazis were divines in their own minds until they were defeated! Hamas falsely thinks a divine is driving their animal behavior. Both were and are merely human monsters led by the basest of human traits.

  6. Today, I listened to the podcast “Israel at War Continued” with Sami Wink. Your comment about how “Palestinians come to America because they are unhappy with living under Islamic terrorists, but then they come here (I don’t know why they are allowed, but I digress) and rant and rave hatred of Israel and the US and make demands”. I VERY STRONLG AGREE WITH YOU. They use our Constitution, rights and freedoms to criticize our way of life and support for Israel, led by the sickening squad. I agree there should be a total travel ban from all Islamic countries for 50 years, the visas allowing people from the middle east to be here should be rescinded and all of them deported. If Republicans don%27t overwhelm the democrats, our republic will be done.%0AThank you for sharing your wisdom.

    Bruce Atkinson

  7. One can only respond with, “From your mouth to God’s ears.” The great problem, of course, is the role of modern corporate media. They will interpose themselves with all their heft and inexhaustible guile, to set about their business of dismantling America and her glorious accomplishments. Mainstream media has sunk to the level of the most profoundly corrupt politicians to serve as living examples of just how much can be accomplished by those with powerful connections and without a functioning conscience. For we have been subjected to an endless reel of looping confirmations that what really and actually happens is relatively worthless when compared with the ability to persuade people that it didn’t– that it was ‘something else’ entirely. I remember well our annual treks to D.C. each Roe v. Wade anniversary, proclaiming “Life!” with hundreds of thousands of others from around the nation. But when we saw the coverage of the major news outlets that evening, we discovered that three angry Lesbians with well-crafted posters demanding a “right-to-death” were portrayed as “the OTHER side” of the issue and given equal air-time. Their skill at deceiving has never lagged. And their role and determination in shaping what Americans BELIEVE is happening (in whatever area they regard as essential for achieving THEIR policy preferences), is the element unaddressed by our hero, Professor Hanson, above. Worse, the best and brightest on our side have scarcely begun to RECOGNIZE the size and import of the obstacle MSM represents in the overall struggle to preserve our blessed republic.

  8. As much as I want to see all of this come to fruition. 9/11 has taught some of us that Americans in general have a short span of attention and an even shorter memory.

  9. I’d like to see the data that truthfully reflect “most Americans support arms for Ukraine to repel Russian aggressors.”
    I don’t support that. And I don’t “support” either Israel or the Hamas. I support Americans.
    Why are we concerned about other countries’ borders and land disputes before our own? How about a little support for our borders?
    Ron DeSantis and others are spouting about not taking in refugees from Gaza. How about no refugees or migrants from anywhere for an indefinite period?
    None. From anywhere.

    1. Same here. It is difficult to believe. Almost as difficult as believing Biden’s ‘vette garage was secured.
      There is simply no justification for the US to borrow $130 billion to gift the former “comic” Zelensky.
      He now has a $15 million home in FL and multi-million-dollar shack on the water in Italy.
      Self-preservation should be America’s first goal. At this time, it ‘ain’t’.

  10. Sheer disgust. I’m thinking of some family members that Pooh- poohed me when they bought into a lot of this crap. Life long democrats. Lots of them. Looking forward to their opinions when this is over. Senior retired professionals from NY. Me? Lived Texas and Florida since I’m 18. 🇺🇸. VDH, been keeping up with you forever. Thanks.

  11. Why have there been so many articles saying “No matter what (the Palestinians) did, you Jews must not respond”? Maybe they did what they did precisely b/c the Jews, with strong US insistence, have not responded.

  12. Hopefully, your ideas and historical perspective will motivate conservative citizens to take control of the two-party system and restore order before our children are left with an uninhabitable outpost attacked on all sides by our culture’s bloodthirsty enemies. The spineless politicians who pose as conservatives have placed our nation, our ideals and our history in mortal danger.

    1. When we lose our way, we tend to revert to the basics which would be human nature. Let’s strive to return to the basics, not just in our personal lives but also in terms of our institutions which are under assault and seem to have lost their original intent over time.

  13. Simple observations and descriptions of reality always seem to be indisputable truth
    sooner or later justice becomes poetic

  14. would love for you to touch more on the speed with which orgs/movements like sharpton, occupy, blm, ? are turning over in the usa. the long march learned to become a bunch of short marches because of ? short attention spans exploited from multiple angles? the invisible hand has become ever smarter? from killing a kennedy to running a kennedy (i think he’s a plot, but that’s another conspiracy for another day)…

    keep up your extraordinary work Sir.

  15. Pepe Sobreruedas (Miami, FL)

    “The first serious politician who calls for the taxing of the huge incomes of their endowments, for yanking the government out of the student loan business and returning the moral hazard to the universities who impoverish their own students, will win overwhelming support.“
    My favorite aphorism…

  16. It seems the Gaza of Hamas is not the only entity going down. The barbarians are inside the door.
    If the Dems, by hook or by crook, retain or improve their control in a mere 15 months, the velocity of the fall will challenge Newton’s current theory of the Law of Gravity and we’ll pass that darn falling apple.

  17. I agree with the points you make, but I would also add that I think China is looking to pounce on us when we are overextended and will likely make a play for Taiwan. Scary times indeed.

  18. VDH’s ability to cut through through the crap with powerful observation and razor sharp prose is enough to enrage any would-be writer. How long did it take to write this and why can’t I do it.? Screw you, VDH.

  19. gibbs.1@osu.edu

    The leader from the island of sanity has also been voicing sane comments. As insanity becomes even more obvious, perhaps your and other voices will begin to prevail.

  20. When future historians write of the downfall of the American society, they will note that it began with the Obama and Biden regimes.

  21. One would think that after 9/11 we would learned our lesson to never let it happen again. Our leaders said they did, but they didn’t. The feeling of an existential threat from radical Muslims faded with time. We even let them within our gates, and some have, in my view, even become members of Congress.

    The Israeli’s claim that they have learned their lesson, and that Hamas must be completely wiped out. Them, I believe. They don’t have the luxury of living in a fantasy world, as we think we have.

    The big question is whether the U.S. and Europe will turn wobbly on them and withdraw their promised support. I fear they, as in the past, will.


    Over extension and unpreparedness of our military always leads to war. In past 20th century wars, the USA has possessed a strong and flexible manufacturing base that could be transitioned to supply arms, munitions & supplies. Over the past 40 years, our manufacturing has been systematically reduced from approximately 25% of GDP to approximately 11% by both political parties. What we do manufacture, with the exception of automobiles, civilian firearms and civilian ammunition, really does not transition well to war fighting. I am speaking of basic supplies that are needed in mass quantities and now are bought from mainly China. All that said, it is not unusual for the USA, the UK, and other western countries to enter war time unprepared and in denial. With millions of unvetted illegal immigrants now in the country, one should ask, how many are here as sleeper terrorist cells? Obviously, we have a large number of home-grown citizens that are not on the side of the USA if their rhetoric is to be believed. The only galvanized political leadership seems to be focused on self-destruction, in all areas of society. Conservatives keep sounding the alarm, much like Churchill, seemingly to no avail. Our society, for whatever reasons, seems to be so calloused and hard-hearted that there is no sense of shock, no matter the atrocity committed. It is as though the western world is blinded and in a complete intellectual fog regarding the surrounding world. Keep sounding the alarm!

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