All Things Presidential

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler look at the current presidential race and especially the Trump-DeSantis divide. Then VDH examines the records of presidents in history.

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29 thoughts on “All Things Presidential”

  1. Gentlemen, RESPECTFULLY love you both..I haven’t missed a victor podcast in years, PARDON TYPOS using voice 2 talk,, Im 41 Inde. CA. voter in tune with Political/CT/fintech Twitter other SM where most of gop primary popular zeitgeist narratives are playing out I really think older listeners looking to legacy media are missing a lot of the quickly moving primary mudslinging, which is much more polarizing sloppy/hyperbolic online from the Desantis “influencers” Campaign staff and are universally disliked, johncordillo, dave reaboi, bill mitchell, etc.., Desantis influencers come across as hired guns/ sheckle chasers paid to hate on Trump/T voters they have ruined any chance IMO of Desantis being a credible challenge and the numbers very clearly show it.. Americas First populist voters hate that “Bush” money type neocon political strategists (karl rove paul ryan fox etc) are heavily supporting Desantis sorry you all are not seeing it but Desantis campaign is DOA, then you have CAGOP/ Mccarthy plant Jessica Patterson trying to run the Kevin Cuicnelli elector scam over 4th of July weekend n got caught, poor Harmeet (who got played) and mike davis got dragged through mud, both strong America First Populists, but point is people are not dumb un-trustable FOX BUSH PAUL RYAN republicanism is DEAD Desantis is an extension of all of those camps, CUZ HE TOOK THIER MONEY..Im not a MAGA TRUMPER I love JD VANCE BUT THIS IS TRUMPS 4 YEARS GOP Ronna/Mccarthy better wake up

    1. Agreed. DeSantis is DOA, and the more exposure he gets, the worse it gets. His Ken Griffin PAC warriors – paid hit people and orgs like Daily Wire – all indeed come off as the very brand of petty meanness they ascribe to Trump and his supporters. It is THEY whom have split the vote and engendered malice among the base. Making a polite comment opposing DeSantis gets one nothing but NeverTrump vitriol and personal attacks. DeSantis is a GOP construct, a cheap Trump knock-off dressed in a Yale degree, and he had zero reason to run other than tanking Trump and peeling off the squishy suburban Church votes. I frankly do not understand Victor’s embarrassment over supporting Trump nor his over-the-top fluffing of DeSantis. Jack i understand. He’s a think-tank RINO type who is great friends with Joe Scarborough. But hey, at least Victor has stopped talking about what a great president Pompeo would be.

      1. The GOP will never be able to win without Trump as long as he is alive, and still wants it.

        Remember that Victor is a talker not a doer. In no disrespect to VDH. I learn a lot. If he vocally supported TRUMP, he would be a Rush Limbaugh. The title of his book really hurt his brand of disinterested arbiter of history.

      2. hmmm Agree with most of what you’ve said, I disagree with your assessment that Victor is embarrassed of his backing of Trump, I’ve listened to everyone of VDH podcasts,, VDH likes Trumps polices but sometimes the personality causes unnecessary polarizing problems, I think everybody who would like less volatility in the world and want a POTUS who can do a better Job uniting, Trump really could have made a few small tweaks (less tweets picking fights once he was in office)and appeased the wolves while he was turning America around, BUT VDH is clear thats not who TRUMP is and VDH does a great job trying to remind Sami/jack national review types of the shitstorm we are in. my grandfather said “dont ask the pilot for the peanuts” I’m wiser and well informed and focused with my political discourse for having listened and learned from professor VDH as he weave’s through the different views of the voter that tunes in… WELL DONE PROFESSOR WITH TUCKER GONE YOU HAVE BECOME ONE OF THE FEW RELEVANT NECESSARY VOICES OF SANITY and SYNOPSIS IN THIS CULTURE/GEOPOLOITCAL HOT WAR WE ARE IN….

        1. I agree. Nice response. I was in no way denigrating the Professor, and I continually thank him for his prodigious content, and for approving my comments.

      3. Everything who disagrees with you is either in a conspiracy or lacks moral fiber? I agree that Desantis looks DOA, but after that, it seems that you’re the one concerned with petty meanness and settling scores.

        1. Frankly, your comment is senseless. What conspiracy? What “lack of moral fiber” did i reference? You realize you just made my point, right? Lol.

          1. Right here, Wes:

            His Ken Griffin PAC warriors – paid hit people and orgs like Daily Wire – all indeed come off as the very brand of petty meanness they ascribe to Trump and his supporters. It is THEY whom have split the vote and engendered malice among the base. Making a polite comment opposing DeSantis gets one nothing but NeverTrump vitriol and personal attacks. DeSantis is a GOP construct, a cheap Trump knock-off dressed in a Yale degree, and he had zero reason to run other than tanking Trump and peeling off the squishy suburban Church votes.

  2. Victor-The Kaley mac comments were not great but they came 4 days after FOX TOOK AWAY TUCKER! Trump made it clear that Kaley shouldn’t parrot Rupert’s false polling there was a reort that morning that the polling was bad she still reported it fox redacted the polling the next day, and the milktoast dig was her testimony given about Jan 6, it was milktoast not like the Kaylie we all loved… you also asked who gave Trump bad 1st Biden debate advice,, guess who! Chris Christie did the first debate I remember Bannon screaming at Team Trump for using the newly hired msnbc christie,,we were all mad and confused why they brought him back,,, HE LOSSED THE 1ST DEBATE then Bannon RAILED TRUMP TEAM and said Matt Gaetz should be brought in for the 2nd and he was

  3. A lot can and most likely will change in 6 months because the incompetence of the Biden regime. January 2024 may very well be the commencement of a national economic depression and post-Pax America global chaos. Domestic political chaos resembling anarchy might force the nation into greater individual state autonomy just to survive – I think this is already happening.

  4. HHMMM…does leverage play a big part in politics? If yes, it seems to me it’s game over. Trump has overwhelming conservative support, which means if he doesn’t MAKE the party, he has the power to BREAK it, end of story. Victor, what am I missing? You talked as if there is a ‘real’ contest between Trump and the rest of the candidates. I guess I am just too simple minded to understand the complexity of politics. 

  5. Hello Victor and Jack, I love the podcasts. I am a Wisconsin/Colorado/Missouri wherever life takes me Independent. This episode “All Things Presidential” was excellent as most of these episodes are. I appreciate all the insight along with all the Hoover Institute info I get from Greg Stamps. I also subscribe to Jacks Newsletter and love that outlook. Stay safe out there in California Victor

  6. Speech can be used for both good and evil.

    Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
    and those who love it will eat its fruits.
    Proverbs 18:21

    1. Campaign Advice –

      1. Understand that what you say to your fellow republican can build them up or tear them down and that there will be personal repurcussions for you as the speaker.

      2. Realize that all the republican candidates represent the same cause.

      3. Think back to high school when you played sports.

      Image your republican challenger as a teammate on your basketball team during preseason conditioning drills. See them not as an enemy but someone the team needs to win games in the regular season. Speak to them in a way that affirms their effort and fosters unity. Know that your real rival is the nearby high school who beat you last year. If you do these things then maybe your teammates will vote for you to be team captain.

  7. Our speech can lead to conflict.

    A fool’s lips walk into a fight,
    and his mouth invites a beating.
    Proverbs 18:6

    As charcoal to hot embers and wood to fire,
    so is a quarrelsome man for kindling strife.
    Proverbs 26:21

    1. Campaign Advice –

      1. Realize that personal attacks from your teammates may be due to how you are addressing them.

      2. Ask yourself, “Am I the cause of bickering on the team because of how I speak to others?”

      3. Don’t hurt your team. Adjust your speech so that your teammates are not resentful of you. Praise your teammates for their accomplishments and incorporate their successful habbits into how you practice for the games. Maybe the coach will notice and give you playing time when the season starts.

      1. Your premise is flawed at inception. All R candidates are NOT on the same team with the same goals, and i question the judgment of one who would assert such. There is a stunning lack of reflection occurring regarding candidates. For instance, Ramaswamy is a Soros Foundation scholarship recipient and made his money in Big Pharma Covid drugs during- and oddly right before – the “pandemic”. He’s also a Hindu, like Tulsi Gabbard. So when they talk about God, which are they thinking of…the one with the head of an elephant or the one with 8 arms and a necklace of skulls?

        1. Yes, it is true that all the republican candidates represent the republican party and if elected will represent the party in the general election. None think exactly alike and that is to be expected with any two people. Any of them would be an improvement over the democrat nominee.

          Ramaswamy espouses American ideals and conservative values. He expresses a desire to further a conservative agenda. Are his business interests and religious beliefs affecting his goals and policies?

  8. Curtail infighting, educate the public on the merits of conservatism –

    It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife,
    but every fool will be quarreling.
    Proverbs 20:3

    1. Campaign Advice –

      1. Know that there are guys on the team who end up fighting with the other guys on the team.

      2. Realize that this is only high school basketball and that everyone is in the process of learning how to be a good teammate.

      3. Don’t add to the conflict when fights occur. Know that self-restraint and propriety is something that the coach respects. Maybe he will give you more playing time when the games matter during the regular season.

    2. Candidate Advice –

      1. Know that certain teammates have trouble with other guys on the team.

      2. Realize that you can’t solve all their problems and that you don’t want to add to their problems by arguing with them.

      3. Take satisfaction in knowing that the coach sees what’s going on and respects players who are humble and self-controlled. Maybe he will call on you when the games really matter.

  9. Truisms for republican candidates –

    A man who is kind benefits himself,
    but a cruel man hurts himself.
    Proverbs 11:17

    Whoever brings blessing will be enriched,
    and one who waters will himself be watered.
    Proverbs 11:25

    1. Candidate Advice –

      1. Realize that treating your teammates well will benefit the whole team.

      2. Make good passes to the open man and let them score easy buckets.

      3. Give your teammate a high five and truly exalt in their accomplishments knowing that their success wins games. Do not belittle them for missing easy shots.

      4. Hussle back on defense to prevent the rival high school from scoring. Maybe the coach will see that you care more about the team than yourself and give you more playing time.

  10. Sherman’s destruction of the Southern plantation class was laudable. While most Southerners did not own slaves, this wealthy racist elite had profited handsomely from their chattel’s toil and misery.

    But was the Civil War really about destroying this peculiar institution? We know that Union slave states – Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky – not only didn’t have their plantations burned, but were actually exempt from the Emancipation Proclamation.

    Was this act of appeasement necessary to keep these four states from joining the Confederacy? Or was slavery dying out anyway in these states, so who cares? Or was the Civil War about something other than slavery?

    More Americans died in the Civil War than in World War One, World War Two, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War combined. It tore our nation apart and created wounds that took decades to heal.

    Would it not have been better to have let the South go its own way and, thus, avoid this horrific death toll? There would’ve been plenty of challenges, such as who would’ve controlled the Mississippi river and how would’ve the rest of the country been settled. But maybe it would’ve been for the best?

    We just celebrated our Independence day. Why couldn’t we have treated the South in 1860 the way we wanted to be treated in 1776?

    1. Uictor gives pretty solid answers to all these questions in his podcast with Sami. Has listening to that one given you new questions or changed your perspective?

  11. Mark Rodger Hemphill

    Victor Davis Hanson is a very intelligent man and a great man. We should all be thankful

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