Aid to Ukraine and the Motors of World War II

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc look at the proposed new aid to the Ukraine, Biden’s race against truth, the origins of World War II, and the origins of frustration in Oliver Anthony‘s “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

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9 thoughts on “Aid to Ukraine and the Motors of World War II”

  1. Victor Davis Hanson and Thomas Sowell are the only two men that really comprehend what has happened to America in the post-Vietnam War era. They also are the two men most ignored by today’s public, media and intelligentsia. These two men and some others like Tucker Carlson see an America in decline and it’s devastating effects for our people and the world going forward. They see that America has lost it’s ability to strive for the American ideals laid out in the Founding Documents. Instead much of the public, media and so called intellectuals have replaced that effort with unattainable concepts of equity that has created racial, economic and social divisions. These in turn are destroying our sense of nationality and allegiance to our country. VDH and TS understand that Americans have been duped into this self-destructive behavior from past events that they are neither responsible for and nor have the ability to undo. And Americans have been lied to about an unattainable future nirvana that justifies and ignores criminal behavior while calling it social justice. Instead of acting in a morally correct way by dousing the flames of self immolation, these thug forces have convinced many Americans to let our imperfect system crash and burn so leftists genuses can replace it with an all powerful totalitarian state out to destroy all contrary people and ideas called marxist dictatorship.

  2. Oliver Anthony is just a good old folkie protest song writer, railing against “the establishment” as did others in the past such as Bob Dylan, Guthrie, etc. Sort of a modern day Scots-Irish balladeer. It’s not my cup of tea, but good on him anyway.

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