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Zucker, Truckers, and Things That Make You Pucker

A look at the popular dissatisfaction with the direction of America, Tuckers protest in Canada, the Zucker resignation, Whoopi’s transgressions, and Spotify wars. Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler.

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6 thoughts on “Zucker, Truckers, and Things That Make You Pucker”


    For Whoopi Goldberg to have said, “I shouldn’t have said that, I don’t know what I’m talking about,” would have required a level of maturity far beyond her current level. But Leftism/progressivism is immaturity expressed as a worldview.

  2. Someone should tell Whoppi about that white Jew Sammy Davis, Jr. and about all of the Somali Jews that Israelis rescued and brought to Israel.

  3. Hermina Dykxhoorn

    Dear Dr. Hanson,
    We’re Canadians from Calgary and love your podcasts. About Bob Dylan; he had a conversion to Christianity in the early 80’s and put out 3 albums with a Christian theme, not overt and syrupy, just typical Dylan in style. He toured on those albums and had a very bad reception. People just didn’t understand it so he reverted back to his old style, but we notice there is always an underlying theme of Christianity with, perhaps some Old Testament, Jewish influence in many of his songs since. When he won the Nobel Prize for literature, most were shocked, but having learned almost all his lyrics it didn’t surprise us. Listen to his song, “Every Grain of Sand”. The lyrics describe the human condition as well as any poet, certainly any modern poet. It’s something we can all relate to, and is worth the Nobel Prize.
    We look forward to your broadcasts. As far as the truckers are concerned, we’re proud of what they are accomplishing. It’s a worldwide phenomena. Quite unbelievable for Canada. Our Prime Minister is a disaster. Immature, self centered and sold out to the Great Reset, which he really doesn’t understand but he follows his “advisors”, particularly, Mark Carney, former head of the Bank of Canada and then the Bank of England who has his sights on the Prime Ministers job and is a committed globalist., He’s dangerous.
    God bless you Victor, You’re invaluable to the conservative cause.

  4. Hello Victor Davis Hanson,

    Pulling the Archangel Michael card from my deck of oracle cards reads- “I am with you giving you the courage to make changes that will help you work on your Divine life purpose.” thank you for your teachings and sharing your life’s work.


    I was in a group as a teenager who basically still say; ” worship the ground that we stand on”. And now we’re old.

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