Yom Kippur War and More

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson explain the Yom Kippur War, Israel and the Arab states, and the future of Israel–cohosted by Sami Winc.

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2 thoughts on “Yom Kippur War and More”

  1. Sure Israel will continue to exist as a nation because they have a destiny until end of time. – Plus Iran were to use a nuke, it would be the end of that country, USA would destroy it. Israel has F-16 and F-35’s and Iran still flies the Tomcat F-14 (which US NAVY never replaced). Meanwhile there’s no post-Bismarckian fear of changing Iranian regime into a moderate state to form a super Caliphate. Which seemed to be what Obama was doing leaving ISIS and chaos in his wake, and now Biden in Afghanistan.

    When I got Sars-Cov-2 I was able to do everything I normally do except for total insomnia and impotence with fever for two days. Though I didn’t find any magic pills and didn’t coerced into any of the ‘vaccines’ of which I am deeply skeptical and disturbed by the authoritarian bent of government. For Prof. Hanson who has beaten malaria and appendix he will recover in no time. And I think he is staying active leading the tour group and even posting an article online from the Holy Land!

  2. VDH, what’s with the poker chips?

    Great podcast. I hope you got a chance to visit Armageddon.

    Standing on that hill, just above King Solomon’s stables looking out over the plains you really get a sense of the history and just maybe this is where it’s all going to end… Or at the very least be one heck of a battle.

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