Wreckage and Renewal

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler in a discussion of the accident at the Titanic wreckage, RFK Jr. and other options for the Democratic Party candidate, and education reform, what it might be.

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9 thoughts on “Wreckage and Renewal”

  1. thebaron@enter.net

    Anyone who believed or believes anything Josh Shapiro says, is naive. He is a progressive and believes in big-State solutions. He believes in power, acquiring it and holding on to it. He’s not as openly radical as the Sorosian DA in Philly, but he’s even more dangerous, because he conceals it well.
    As for Robert Kennedy Jr, there, too, any Republican who says he’ll vote for him is a fool. Kennedy might share some opinions with us conservatives, but it doesn’t make him a conservative. He’s a Leftist, too.

    1. Possibly the meaning and significance of the old adage: ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ has some meaning here. Recognize it or not, we are in a fight for survival.

    2. I agree with The Baron here.

      Josh Shapiro has two claims to fame.:

      As The top Lawyer in Pa. , Attorney General of the state, he broke the law without a qualm and went against the State Legislature, the entity the Constitution gives power to about election law, to make up voting laws and helped the steal of the Pa. election for Biden.
      As a liberal Democrat with presidential ambitions, he will never go against the teachers union, no matter what he promises about caring about education.

      If you like Biden and Obama, you will love Shapiro.

  2. What is attractive about RFKjr is that he tells bold Truths. About the coup d’état of JFK by the CIA-military to reset the USA on its present path. He clearly states that the vaccine-autism relationship is a theory, but it warrants further study. About Fauci & Big Pharma, he explains their games for all to understand. Your comments on his personal life were Hollywood-style gossip, not worthy of the philosopher-kings of podcasting.

    Please don’t swallow the Woke blue pills: their use of language to neutralize minds. Specifically you used the word ‘vaccine’ for the compulsory mRNA jab for Covid. It was far from being a denatured virus, in this case, coronavirus. They were active genetic-modification agents.

  3. james carlyle

    I have enjoyed your insight on ancient and contemporary events since I read your book “Mexifornia” in the early 2000s when I was working in the Persian Gulf. I thought at the time you were some sort of Hippie Californian. I Have later come to find out you are a very astute, supremely educated scholar and down to earth evaluator of what is happening in our world. I thank you for that.
    I am a 5th generation Californian, my aunts both graduated from Stanford and Berkeley in the early 1900s as well as my cousins and my two uncles that went to Bolt House for their law degrees which led to 67 years on the Superior court bench in San Diego. My Dad’s mom was born in Malala.
    Muy amable & Yours aye
    Jim Carlye

  4. Did Jack really just quote a Meghan Mccain article?? SMH Jack dig a little deeper you will find RFK had a alcohol abuse problem and got sober 22 years now and I got to tell you folks ive met that have gone through AA and have the Sobriety he has are some of the best people ive worked with been around, humble and a faith in god most non sober people dont pocess

  5. Hopefully, RFK Jr. and whoever (Newsom?) will split the Democrat vote during the primary, and some of the disaffected will sit out the general election.

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