13 thoughts on “Wokeism and Its Fallout”

    1. And if that boy was a from the Puritan colonies, that meant “massacre the boy’s entire family and adopt him into a Catholic First Nation tribe so that we may deliver him by making him a Catholic man”.

      1. The Puritans didn’t just go out and massacre Indians without provocation. You’ve been reading too much drivel from America-haters like Howard Zinn and his many acolytes, who lie about history and slander and libel the founders of this great nation, never acknowledging the violence, sadism, and savagery that was inherent in all of the “indigenous” cultures. That’s in quotes, because humans are not indigenous to the Americas – they all walked over the land bridge from Asia.

        1. Um, read again. The comment was attacking the Jesuit order for stirring up the Kanawake to kill Puritan “heritics” in Maine and western Massachusetts and kidnap their children so the Jesuits could forcibly convert them to Catholicism. Source: “The Unredeemed Captive” by John Putnam Demos.

  1. Like I said. Musk is Trump. Trump is Musk.

    To answer Victor’s question why these men do dumb things. One of Trump’s rules in life: “It takes a lot of smart to play dumb.” Been following Musk on Twitter since he took it over, and his rule is: “F*ck around, and find out.”

    I do worry about their safety and well being though. It’s weird. I never feel this way about any public figures before.

  2. Right on target as usual. Thanks for again bringing clarity to the discussion.

    I think DeSantis is now running ahead of Trump in the polls. Trump appears to be doing more damage to his cause than the Left. It is very sad.

    Looking forward to the next interview. You are a blessing indeed.

  3. What a great title, “The End of Everything”! There is a real need for straight talk. No need for a preface in the coming book. Fifty years ago, it was possible to dance around the madness and enjoy a few chuckles. The decline in popularity of authors like P. J. O’Rourke (1947-2022, “Parliament of Whores”, “Give War a Chance”, etc.) are a reflection of the rise of the self-anointed priests of Woke. But we can laugh no more, by edict of authorities expert in micro-aggressions ensconced in fortified safe-spaces. Drugs used to be considered a problem, but now they seem to be the solution. In Canada, quadriplegic veterans are given the choice of equipment to assist them with their disabilities, or a doctor assisted suicide, the latter being the socially responsible alternative. We are beyond laughter.

  4. Harry Ashby deButts

    Just imagine the scenario of having Trump reemerge as President on the inside of the Government and looking outward~~ and Musk on the outside of the Government looking in ~~ and all the Ds in the middle of the swamp swimming madly about trying to find a way out. Sometimes dreaming is so sweet!

  5. They don’t want a place in atheist heaven, they want a place at the head of the line once China gets the head transplant worked out.

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