Winning WWII, Greek Fires, and Mall Mobs

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss how World War II was won, 100 fires burning Greece and smash and grab violence in Torrance mall. VDH finishes with the health of farmers.

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11 thoughts on “Winning WWII, Greek Fires, and Mall Mobs”

  1. Please consider posting the transcript of this interview. Reading is much easier for me than listening. I comprehend better by reading and my husband has hearing loss. He would really enjoy reading this interview.

    1. Posting transcripts of Victor’s interviews is a great idea…..I don’t have to devote an entire hour listening every time, although always worth it. Instead I can scan the text quickly and pick up on the topics quickly and just read the ones I am most interested itn.

  2. FYI: Two enemies of the USA “are directly involved in the new epidemic of organized retail crime: the Chinese Communist Party and Mexican drug cartels.” As ICE describes them, “organized theft groups” who “engage in large-scale thefts which rely on teams of ‘boosters’ who steal goods from major retail stores, ‘cleaners’ who disguise the origins of stolen merchandise, ‘fencers’ who resell products through brick-and-mortar fronts and major e-commerce websites, and professional money launderers who funnel illicit profits to criminals orchestrating schemes.”
    from The Epoch Times, 9/1/23, Commentary by Thomas McArdle, The China–Mexican Drug Cartel–Shoplifting Connection

    Although the groups in California attacking Malls seem to be all black juvenals, there may be a ‘fencing’ connexion here.


      “Juveniles”, though. I don’t think they’re resurrected Roman poets, though that would certainly capture VDH’s attention if they were.

  3. I love the podcast. Especially the part about the farmer. I grew up on a ranch in Saskatchewan Canada and married a farmer/rancher from texas. That lifestyle, while very difficult, built a lot of character and fortitude. Have nothing but respect for the producers in our country and Canada. Grateful to be retired now, but more grateful for all the lessons and skills and strength I received from that life. Thank you for the acknowledgment to our farmers.

  4. Victor nailed the pod cast on World War two comparing and contrasting each side. I have never heard it put so succinctly on Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and why we did it. My father joined the US Marines in January 1942 and made four amphibious landing in the Pacific. After Okinawa with the 2nd Marine Division, they went to New Zealand to get ready for the 1946 invasion of Japan. With the projected casualties I am pretty sure my father surviving the Japan invasion was not good. My father retuned to the US by Christmas 1945 and lived another 45 years.

  5. Victor, you mentioned nearly being charged with a felony for having a rifle in your truck at Fresno State in the ’80’s, Well, I was an Animal Husbandry major there in the mid ’60’s, and virtually all the cowboys and wannabes had a 22 rifle promptly displayed, mounted on a gun rack in the cab of their pickup trucks. There was absolutely no push back about that — then.

    I was one of the exceptions, though, because I had no truck, no wheels at all back then. In the 4 1/2 years I was there, I can not recall a single incident of gun misuse.

    Growing up in the ’50’s all us kids had cap pistols. We played “cops and robbers” and “cowboys and Indians” with mock shooting at each other. Still, in spite of glorifying guns, we and others like us across this country did not grow up to be mass killers that we read so much about today.

    We should not ignore this empirical evidence that flies in the face of today’s conventional wisdom.

  6. Good article. But one important person was left out. George Soros He is single-handedly responsible for Obamas rise in power. He continues to promote his left wing agenda for the express purpose of creating chaos in the US which is how he makes his big money. His reach includes politicians judges and organizations through his NGOs.

  7. In regards to Victor being turned down for a job teaching 8th grade –

    The heart of man plans his way,
    but the LORD establishes his steps.
    Proverbs 16:9

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