Why We Should Study War with Victor Davis Hanson | Policy Stories

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5 thoughts on “Why We Should Study War with Victor Davis Hanson | Policy Stories”

  1. I study war, as well as other subjects, to get a better understanding of how the past fits together. World War One, or the Great War, could be labeled as a war of miscommunication. Both Germany and Russia could have used diplomatic channels rather than mobilization, the latter setting up the chain reaction. In my opinion, the roots of contemporary Levantine conflict lead back to promises made and reneged upon in WW1.

    I am a proponent of peace through strength; often, in our American History, periods of relative peace saw a drawdown in force projection, as well as capabilities. A reason that the 1920’s were so violent in the United States was that innovations for our troops to fight WW1, such as the Thompson SMG and the Browning Automatic Rifle, were produced in large numbers but didn’t make it to the battlefield before the war ended. So they were available for purchase after the war….

  2. Victor – Thanks for advocating for the study of war. It is important to have a realistic understanding of conflict and human nature. Another of your videos, “A Classicist Farmer,” gave personal insight into what your family has gone through to serve their country in the military and especially during times of war. I appreciate your diverse background and how you use it to teach others.

  3. If Darwin is right that we have evolved from the the animal kingdom, then isn’t war a kind of natural selection process, without which we would stagnate and ultimately fall victim to a more advanced evolving life form?

  4. My brother was a soldier in the occupation Of Japan He shot a Japanese civilian while on guard duty one night who was rummaging through the base trash pit for scrap metal I asked him why did he shot the guy He said two reasons One: He wasn’t suppose to be on base Two: He was a “Jap and they were killers” As a ‘Nam vet (0311) I could only say ‘huh huh!’ Well I began to think about the Invasion of Japan I read about in the last pages of a book I read as a teen about the Pacific war. So which is the better book about the invasion -DOWNFALL or HELL TO PAY (which updated in 2017 more Soviet/US relation stuff) Or any book you could think of. Thank You. And I like your commentary on Fox. Though some subjects might need more brevity.

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