Why We Need To Vote

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the election Nov. 8, the African-American commentariat, MAGA people and party, Biden’s recent speech, and the Paul Pelosi case.

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20 thoughts on “Why We Need To Vote”

  1. Finally, someone points out the obvious trend to denigrate the bulk “white” race, conveniently missing the black criminal sins on society that are committed far in excess of their population percentage. Thank you, Victor!

  2. I love you guys, love the books, the articles. May I humbly request you return to your more gentlemanly language of your earlier podcasts.

  3. Mr. Hanson,

    Thank you for your insight on important issues. I enjoy your podcasts. You have helped me to shape a different point of view. I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income. I will subscribe as soon as I can afford to. I’m saving a little each month. May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dr. Hanson:
    I have heard you say words to the effect that people comment on the fact that 6-7% of the populace commit 53% of the violent crimes. Can you provide any names or instances where that has been reported by someone other than you? While I agree that such is true, I have not heard anyone but you make that statement.
    The incredibility of Governors Hochul and Whitmer winning their respective elections makes me wonder whether the average or typical American has even a vague clue as to what is going on. Seeing Fetterman prevailing by the margin he apparently is depresses me beyond belief. I remember some people saying that President Obama prevailing was, ultimately, a good thing because he would do so many bad things that Americans would rise up. Didn’t happen. They re-elected him. The recent COVID lockdown experience makes me wonder whether or not the citizenry (if they can still be called that) has been beaten into submission.

    1. Charles,you read my mind ,we’ll have to work with what we have.I left the state of PA years ago for FL.The blue mind set is stubbornly ingrained in that they can’t or won’t see the class division by the bicoastal elite and somehow identify with them even though they are being impoverished by them.

    2. You are on target.
      It’s a shame that too many Americans are in a fog, enclosed by a bubble. A poor collection of lemmings.

    3. Dear Charles,
      Don’t be discouraged or depressed, my friend. Things are turning around slowly, but surely. Republican taking control of the House. May have a chance still to take control of the senate. While I never wish to celebrate anyone losing their job — Twitter did fired 50% of its workers, and Facebook laid off 13% today! Not to mention, Disney losing 13% of its market value on this very day! Lastly, Florida is more conservative than Texas. Who would have guessed? Never never never give up. Trump 2024. Cheer!!!

    4. Completely agree with you Charles, I can’t, for the life of me, understand HOW anyone could vote to continue with the direction we are heading in this country! I actually took down all these little American flags I had displayed in my front yard today because I am so disgusted with my fellow Americans who voted Democrat! I feel like I should just give up on politics, in the past I have found it exciting and fascinating, but now it just depresses me. I think I’m addicted though.. I’m a twice Trump voter, but now I have reservations about him and all the baggage he brings, he has too many haters out there and I’m afraid he will lose the election. I have no faith or trust in any politicians at this point..

      1. Remember: the United States political system is set up to discourage massive shifts like the the ones Progressives keep trying to stage (just look at how the courts have been a bane to their agenda!) It’s no fun, and definitely nerve wracking, but slow and steady ultimately wins the race in our system. Those Progressive leaps are predicted on over 100 years of steady, consistent political and social campaigning. Let’s take that page from their book and keep marching!

    5. i have read those statistics too… it is true.. the 6 to 7% represent young black men, the statistics i saw were that they commit 51% of the murderers.. i am sure you can look it up by demographics somewhere..

  5. While it is a day of general fasting and humiliation around here (Mater Dolorosa ora pro nobis), I did here rumor of a strange event taking place around 4am PST. Evidently, someone bearing a striking resemblance to President Zelenskyy hopped through the window of Professor Victor Davis Hanson and awakened him with an internet ritual known as “Teabagging” before hopping back out the window to quote “360 scopeless some orcs”. The Professor was last seen chasing the intruder off his lawn by hurling dog eared editions of the Loeb Classical Library at the bounding form.

    Confirm or deny? Either way, I return to my fastings and humiliations.

  6. thebaron@enter.net

    Well, we’ve voted here in PA, but all it shows us is that Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth of fools. There are enough of us now who are just overgrown adolescents, who act on feelings and not on thinking. And so, we elected Fetterman to the Senate, and the smarmy Shapiro to our governor’s mansion. Locally, I’m waiting to see if incumbent Susan Wild, the Keystone Feinstein (for how she smeared Marty Nothstein in her inaugural run) holds her seat or if her opponent, businesswoman Lisa Scheller, can unseat her this time.
    There are too many of us, though, who are happy being virtual serfs to the federal government, though. It’s a flaw in human nature, but many are happy to be taken care of, to be children all their lives.
    Maybe the founders just expected too much of us.

  7. It is now obvious, on the morning after, that there is no republic. The coup of our institutions and elections that occurred in 2020 is now baked in. The GOP Inc is complicit. That’s not rain pouring down on your face, friends. Get ready for complete collapse, oops I mean transformation.

    1. According to my German friends, it never was rain down here on the Gulf. They made sure to emphasize that rain isn’t supposed to be, um, warm…

      In all seriousness, though, I think too many people voted with their feet during Covid insuring that Florida has a super-majority of Republicans while north of New York or west of Colorado, Reps are as rare a unicorns.

  8. Looks like the Republican is going to take control of the House, but not the Senate. Murkowski is defeated by fellow Republican. Sweet! American politic is a grind it seems. Slow and steady. Not a red wave as Victor had hoped for. Still a great day. Trump 2024!! He is the only reason why I follow politic. He hasn’t let me down yet.

  9. Wait! Why did it take me so long to notice! We have -right on this podcast- a genuine Sami Winc Factoid! So, she taught at Phillips, did she? Poor Phinney. Maybe Jean didn’t jounce that limb after all! Can Sami do an impression of an aristocratic boy’s choir singing Suo Gan on the Podcast sometime? Or maybe she’s more of a Bright Eyes/Total Eclipse of the Heart kind of gal? Either way, it is a good day for the Deep Web of the VDH Podcast!

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