Why the Next President Will Face a Dangerous Predicament Abroad

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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14 thoughts on “Why the Next President Will Face a Dangerous Predicament Abroad”

  1. It’s an old trick of Third World Control-Everything Dictators and Tyrants. Get into power by criticizing the previous administration, who attempted to restructure and pay down debt and reduce bloated government.

    Second, jam all ameliorating policies into full reverse. Once the Titanic is far enough away, full speed into big icebergs. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

    Third, as the ship of state is sinking, leave office, sell books, accept huge bribes in the form of speeches attendees can only endure with earbuds loud with any other speech-canceling noise.

    Fourth, mock the efforts of following administration trying to clean up the mess. Just be sure journalists are onboard the craziness thru drugs and indoctrination and newspeak. What could go wrong?

  2. Only the elites, blinded by the glare of their own sophistry, believe they can lead us to a ‘new world, until they discover that they’re marching on the continuous belt of ‘history’s treadmill’ and that only the machinery has changed while human nature remains the same.!

  3. The declining British Empire had the luxury of a constitutionally – minded United States to pick up the pieces after the two World Wars. The U.S. does not have a powerful, up-and-coming like-minded nation to hand over our own world-wide power. The Obama administration wants to withdraw from global leadership, but has no convictions about who picks up the pieces.

    1. To Obama’s way of thinking no globe-spanning superpower is needed. The cause of death and misery on the globe *is* the US, so removing the US from the equation is all that’s needed to spread peace and love through the world.

      To Obama’s university-progressivism, remove US dominance and everything will be rainbows, butterflies and cute pink puppies.

  4. You know I’d suggest the insightful piece argues that today’s democracies need to be exceptionally vigilant to ‘troublemakers’ who perceive weakness and do all they can with their constant, repetitive and insistent probing to change national borders or how the global stage is ordered in the sense of relationships with states.

    These new guys now who want to change things unilaterally act rather than wring their hands and deliberate endlessly. Then they arrogantly say ‘don’t try anything buddies or you’re asking for trouble!’ Brilliant strategy that. Sort of like throwing dust in the eyes to completely confuse, confound and plant doubt.

    We appear to be in a real bad dust storm now. I hope for the future they democracies can construct initiatives where they aren’t perceived say as pushovers or say taken advantage of. I’d think they have to be very good weathermen now. It is important to know about dust storms and hurricanes. But it is perhaps even more important on how they react to it. Are we up to the challenge?

  5. 2VictorDavisHanson 4PostObamaParadigm
    It is not just the next President after Pres. Obama has the problem. As I pointed out earlier elsewhere, “Digging out of the quagmire of malaise into the sunshine of liberty requires sufficient extra free energy to inspire the soul. Absent such inspiration, the slouching out should prove to be toilsome, indeed. When your soul belongs to Cesar in its entirety you can only render onto Cesar the entirety of your being. . . .”* {c.f., p. 223 at http://www.friesenpress.com/bookstore/title/119734000001612306/Constancio-Sulapas-Asumen-Flirting-with-Misadventures }

  6. Claude Lumpkn

    The policies of the Obama administration have made it more likely that we will not have peace in the foreseeable future. We have alienated our allies and encouraged our adversaries to the extent that when trouble does erupt in any part of the world, we may be standing alone.

  7. A rather large segment of the American public doesn’t seem to believe in ‘do here’. What the new Soviets do in Russia and its borders, they would do here. What the Chinese dictators do to their people in China, they would do here. What IS or ISIL or any other radical Muslims do in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia, they would do here. Imagine any small town in America occupied by IS and having the events that are happening in Irag or Syria or Afghanistan repeated in that town for everyone to see in photos, in videos, ……….or in person.

  8. America is occupied already, in body and mind, from the White House on down to state, city, and small-town governments, from universities to kindergartens and pre-school, and in every form of news and social media.

  9. I get a kick out of all the experts since eisenhowers domino theory and cias overthrow of democracy
    in iran.they were all wrong then and all wrong now.
    us cant control world,it cant even guess right on what is a good policy.
    America thinks what we want is what everybody wants.

  10. While war does offer the possibility of vanquishing one’s political/religious/racial foes, and gains of territory and spoils, its primary motive, unstated or even unconscious, is to control the energy and ambitions of ones’ own young male population.

  11. Political Correctness, leftist ideology with a spineless opposition have given us our current state of affairs.

    As far as human slaughter goes, the 20th century set records, I suspect that the 21st century will be much, much worse.

    Once again, the only thing that history has taught us is that we’ve learned nothing from it…

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