Why the Iran Deal Ensures War

The Iran agreement will remake the Middle East — for the worse.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online 


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22 thoughts on “Why the Iran Deal Ensures War”

  1. Can we keep the Middle East from exploding all over us? Why is China immune from outside forces infecting their country? Obviously I know the answer. It’s a highly controlled Country. Basically closed unlike the open U.S. We are doomed , right? I mean what keeps us from continued decline. Narcissism without strength is Obama. Narcissism with strength is Putin. I’m just saying what is going to change in our Country to bring about a renewal?If you went to college pre 1960’s you could get a decent liberal, classical arts education. After that period you got more of an indoctrination in social justice. We’re reaping that shift in education right now. So even though some of us may be genuinely interested in providing some context on world and U.S. history to our children when they come home from school. I think there are some quality teaching aids in our pop culture; i.e. Hell On Wheels (nice perspective on U.S. expansion West), Mountain Men (self-reliance). But the vast majority of media that bombards us in everyday life is telling us how we need to make up for the sins of our fathers. The emotional age of our American males and females has been dropping as swiftly as their I.Q.’s. When/How does that stop and young people start growing up?

  2. sir:

    i suggest you look to caroline glick and others who have worked out the logic of this situation.–

    briefly, glick’s position is that the world will find out that iran has a workable nuke when they explode the same over jerusalem. to my mind, this scenario is pretty compelling.

    what are the iranians to do? are they going to explode one somewhere first, to see if it works? not hardly, for to do so will invite instant israeli retaliation, and israel will bomb iran until her nuclear capacity is destroyed. one can simply note, it is entirely irrelevant how deeply iran’s assets are buried …. nuclear plants need electricity, and they need water, and israel will simply obliterate iran’s electrical grid, and bomb her water canals. for as long as needed.

    i believe israel will act a long time before this situation. iran will get so far in her programs, the israelis will conclude that it is too damned close, and they will act.

    any u.s. policy that doesn’t accept this as reality is blind. and, at this point, we say hello to mr. obama. things will work themselves out in the middle east, but, it won’t be as a result of western leftist ideology. israel will act to preserve itself, or go down fighting, or simply disappear under the burden of the arab birthrate.

    personally, i prefer giving israel north dakota. or perhaps, nebraska.

    john jay

    1. I’d rather inspire American’s to support Israel and what they believe to be their “home”. Islam as practiced by a significant number of “bats.it” crazy human beings would have us living in a hell on earth. Just not interested in their religion except to understand enough to properly defend myself against the nuts.

    2. Sorry to say it is already too late for Israel to do anything militarily to stop Iranian nuclear development.
      The U. S. Is now obligated by our recent ” agreement ” to use our considerable assets to help defend Iran against any and all interference with their nuclear developments.

      The chances of Israeli aircraft or missiles getting past our own, and now Russian, radar and air reconnaisance patrols into Iranian airspace undetected are virtually nil.

      Now it’s just a matter of sitting back and laying bets on where and when the first Islamic – generated mushroom cloud appears.

      It won’t be a long wait . . . .

    3. Actually John, the Israeli birthrate is doing just fine. At just over 3 children per woman among Israeli Jews, it is the highest birthrate in the developed world and actually higher than the Arab birthrate in Judea and Samaria. The biggest problem isn’t the Arab birthrate, but the way Obama and the EU have a tizzy whenever Israel attempts to build homes and infrastructures for its people.

  3. I think it is a mistake for Israel to be overly concerned about Iran. Iran wants a nuclear weapon not to cause trouble with Israel but to defend itself or serve as a deterrent against its Sunni Arab neighbors. Iran as a state feels weak and vulnerable, surrounded by hostile elements who are bent on its destruction. Sunnis consider Shiites heretics and will cut their throats in the streets as we’ve all seen.

    It is unfortunate that the Iranians or Persians, who have a grand tradition of their own extending to the origins of human civilization, decided to this day to follow an Arab religion imposed upon them by conquest. I just hope that in a hundred years, we will not be saying the same thing about Europeans….

  4. Pres. Obama is the quintessential Wretched of the Earth of Franz Fanon. He was never any good for America and the ideals which underpin the Republic. However, her national polity has been saturated to the brim with low information voters that the advent of the Obama Regime was rendered inevitable. ~> That Barack Hussein Obama ascended into the Oval Office is symptomatic of the political dyslexia that the country has sunk into, thanks in part to sustained assault on American educational institutions perpetrated by the so-called “Progressives,” that goes as far back as the turn of the last century, and the philosophical ideas of John Dewey, See, e.g., pp, 220 ff at http://www.friesenpress.com/bookstore/title/119734000001612306/Constancio-Sulapas-Asumen-Flirting-with-Flirting with Misadventures: Escapades of an Exotic Life

  5. Sad to say, the name of Barack Hussein Obama belongs to the following list ~> What other region can boast of a rogues’ gallery with the likes of Yasser Arafat, Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Ayatollah Khomeini, the Assads, Saddam Hussein, and Moammar Qaddafi?

  6. Victor Davis Hanson for at least Secretary of State. The Mossad intelligence in the far east is second to non,. Israel will try to eliminate or at least delay and keep delaying Iranian Nuclear ambitions until the middle east finally blows up.

  7. Just thinking that we got to the place with Iran as a result of ‘peaceful’ efforts relating to its nuclear capability. Of course there has been duplicity and of course put to the sideline in the interest of getting an ‘agreement’. The West better pinch themselves hard on what lies ahead.

    Where will we be 15 years on? You know if the ‘peaceful’ quest for Iranian nuke power continues on well there’ has to be a probability the West may not be around or some of its countries won’t . There just may be that a great wringing and gnashing of teeth will follow perhaps after enabling a theocratic/autocratic state to follow ‘peaceful’ intentions. How many times have we heard that line?? This is a horse that cannot be made to run. There’s too much poison in its system and it started from the get-go..

  8. My hope is that the Jews are as smart as Obama and Kerry are dumb.
    There may be a path that through Israeli brilliance, unintended consequences and the grace of God leads to an unimagined positive synergetic outcome.
    Did we know at the outset of WWII that we would have a bomb?
    Did England really have a prayer after Dunkirk or at the beginning of the battle of Britain?
    War in reality as much as anything is a context for spiritual growth.
    Maybe Bibi is a “Savior General”?
    They’ll most likely wait and see who the new American president is before they act.
    Right now they have plans and are making plans.
    It’s not clear what form action will take but they will act.
    One thing I know for certain …This time the Jews won’t be caught short.

  9. The question on the table is, does Israel have enough nukes to answer a first strike by annihilating Iran? They might want to consider constructing a strategic submarine force sufficient to assure MAD.

  10. Are you sure those are not zombies in that picture? This reading is as good as watching all of those zombie Walking-Dead-type movies and TV programs. Keep up the entertaining horror. Thx.

  11. “”” In major escalation, US to sail warships zero hedge.””” The world in 5 years under commander Hillary, Bernie or commander joker’s smile. The National Review award—bringing to light the ongoing destruction of the West. With the warped mental capacity in all seats of power, a forlorn hope.

  12. My own fear is that we are seeing just the start of an Iranian domination of much of the Middle East. With a tentative Russian approval and matching geostrategic moves it makes a deadly combination. Russia gets the power project it wants into the Indian Ocean and Med, China gets the guaranteed energy resources it needs, and Iran gets to further its Persian ambitions. If the Turks find themselves unable to respond adequately or find it in their best interest to go with the flow, then the whole of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia starts to slide toward a geostrategic axis rotating around Moscow and Tehran with some acquiescence of Beijing.

    People tout the Arabs/Sunnis as not cooperating with such a trend in events, but I find the Arabs to be a very weak foil toward anything these days. Europe is so inept at handling the crises it faces that they’ll not react in time to stop such a trend. And the USA….I despair of us being able to undo some of the bad geopolitical and strategic trends of the past 12 years short of a third World War.

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  15. Barack and wife do not like the US, per their comments that some event finally gave them something to be proud of for America. Barack is at least Muslim-leaning, per his comment that the sweetest sound is the Imam calling for morning prayer. Has his goal all along been bringing America down (by loading on untenable debt and sowing discord everywhere)? Has his goal all along been to bring Muslims to power world wide. Is he not accomplishing all of this?

    It is so absurd that the progressives bought right into this.

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