Why the E-Gate Epidemic?

From Petraeus to Hillary, public servants have been trying to manipulate the historical record in their favor.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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13 thoughts on “Why the E-Gate Epidemic?”

  1. Hoi Polloi Boy

    The keeping of e-secrets are going to continue unabated until the bureaucrats and politicians do some real time in the penitentiary.

  2. Controllers gotta control, and 2nd Worldview Controllers must control how they get and keep power.

    If King Ferdinand said to his conquistadors “Get gold: humanely if you can; but at all hazards get gold” then 2nd Worldview Controllers believe same about power.

    Our 1st Worldview Tragic Founders believed in controlling the Devils on our shoulders, in essence “Rule humanely, but when others or oneself can’t, allow correction to fix things.”

  3. I’m beginning to think the most interesting e-mails on Ms. Clinton’s server were never sent to a government e-mail account.

    We have seen with JournoList and the ClimateGate scandal that officials on the Left are quite happy to unofficially coordinate official actions for partisan gain. JournoList coordinated a leftward spin to the news. The ClimateGate e-mails showed coordination to the end of silencing Global Warming skeptics or deny them respectable venues for their critiques.

    It follows then that Ms. Clinton’s mail server could be the off-the-record hub of her political organization and/or be a major node in a larger liberal network. Classified information could be distributed and decisions taken without government oversight or archiving the conversation.

  4. People died at Benghazi as a direct result of Hillary Clinton’s incompetence, and now it has been revealed that she implemented an organized effort to hide the truth and circumvent transparency, which may also have been illegal. How did Hillary become Secretary of State? She had no foreign policy experience or credentials and appears to have landed this important and complex job merely as a consolation prize for losing the 2008 election. After achieving little during her brief tenure as a US senator, she quickly leap frogged over many more capable and qualified civil servants to become Secretary of State, presumably as part of her and Bill’s strategy to pad her resumé and give the veneer of presidential qualification for her next run. Having the XX chromosome and being another “first” to occupy the White House appears to be all this privileged hack has to offer.

    Come on America, surely we can do better than this.

  5. Now that we know that Hillary Clinton conducted US foreign affairs through private email accounts via a private server in her home and that former EPA chief Lisa Jackson was also trying to avoid public accountability through using the email avatar Richard Windsor, the next question that should be answered is how many other Obama cabinet members are secretly operating outside of normal protocols? We know from past experience that Obama (or should I say Valerie Jarrett) has attempted to govern like a Roman consul by refusing to work with Congress, issuing dubious executive orders and illegally making recess appointments.

    Let’s hope there isn’t a government within our democratically elected government implementing power free from accountability. We all know where that could lead.

  6. “Public service is also voluntary. It is usually of a limited nature. And it requires accountability to the public.”

    Yes, clear and short! No one forced her to work in the government.

  7. Another example of the elites not being subject to the same ethical and moral standards that they demand we little people live by. It is amazing to me that people still vote for democrats. They are voting for bureaucrats and everybody hates bureaucrats! Yet they continue to vote them in time after time and are surprised when bureaucrats act like bureaucrats. Europe is not the answer for America. Idiots controlling our lives and telling us how to think and how to act is not the answer. God help us all.

  8. Clinton’s latest ethical breach and clumsy, arrogant coverup are reminders of how morally unqualified she is to serve as President. Add that to her record of failing upwards through a series of more and more demanding positions: I hope she claims ill health and withdraws from the presidential race. We cannot afford another affirmative action president.

  9. “” Nasa scientist warns california has one year of water left. “” Choose zero hedge link off google’s webpage.

  10. Clinton–having been involved in many scandals and having the protection of the presidential office has escaped scrutiny and punishment for many go to jail acts. Do we really need another paranoid criminal at the helm in 2017? would it not be the best thing that could happen to the U.S.A.–to have an honest and transparent presidency who has bared all records and not sealed up damning evidence of the unsuitability or the criminality or the communist and muslim background from whence he came.? In the next 2 years of the phone and pen phony and his executive orders–he will do what he set out to accomplish–That is to fundamentally transform the U.S.A. into the most backward and impoverished of lands. It is possible he could even dissolve the United States into some shariah compliant muslim land as he flies them in by the hundreds of thousands and supports them on a debt we can never repay. His goal is to bring us down and bankrupt sll American citizens as he opens our borders to every criminal and gang member he can recruit from South of our open borders. Why oh why must we tolerate this criminak in the whitehouse for another 2 years?

  11. vdh,

    Stormin Norman Schwarzkoph did an excellent job of staying out of trouble. Thoughts of leadership stake soldiers’ lives and prestige in the hands of Savior Generals. He coordinated the campaign in a country deeply suspicious of foreigners; and maintained strategic secrecy during America’s first internationally televised war. He assured the American people that this war would not be another Vietnam. Duty, honor, and country are what make a general and leadership. Petraeus fail victim to a woman’s touch of deception. If she cut of all his hair in the process he would be Sampson no more….Schwarzkopf makes for a better subject of proper generalship than Petraeus…
    Caruthers, Ca

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