Why Free Speech Is So Costly to Republicans

Victor Davis Hanson and host Jack Fowler mull over topics like the recent shoot out at the border, the protest at Yale Law School, America’s Free Speech problem, the beauty of tractors, and the left controlling academia.

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14 thoughts on “Why Free Speech Is So Costly to Republicans”

  1. Poor Jack! Some people really are bigots when it comes to Yankee or Irish modes of discourse. Being a Yankee and Irish, I don’t want their sort at my dinner party!

    Do the Aeschylus discussion! He’s my third favorite author of all time and no one wants to talk about him because his stuff is so difficult!

  2. Thank you VDH for helping to fill the void when we lost Rush. Ironically, I first became aware of you through Rush and have bought many of your books and read your current writings religiously.

  3. Charles Carroll

    I recommend that you replace the term “conspiracy theory” with the more accurate “spoiler alert”.

  4. My wife and I drove Manning Ave as far west as we could on the way to the coast from my folks in Reddley many years ago. There is a kind of beauty unique to the world on that drive, ever so slowly descending until we turned right on the way to Monterey. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  5. A dedicated AZ listener

    Keep Jack! Keep Sami! Even keep Victor, for Pete’s sake. The shows are perfect as they are. Btw, Jack is not a bore but an insightful, funny, and well-versed guy from da Bronx who livens things up.

  6. Robert J Sprekelmeyer

    These are the most entertaining and informative interviews I have found. Both Sammi and Jack have introduced subject matter discussions relevant and pertinent to today and this America. It is also interesting to find someone who knows that Ford 9N was a precursor to the 8N with running boards.

  7. Victor,
    My wife and I LOVE listening to your podcasts and interviews over the years, as we always learn so much!!! I wish that I had even a small fraction of the ‘instant-recall-memory’ ability that you have! Thank you, the world needs more people like you! ….. Rich & Susan

  8. The finale was really good. Thanks for another great podcast.
    Yes, keep Jack, otherwise, it would be Laurel without Hardy, or Amos without Andy.

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