Week In Review: Commentary, Classics and History

VDH produced varied material these last two weeks. The podcasts have commentary on contemporary events. There is a section on the value of Classics to education. And, finally, the Ultra content is uploading so the historical series on WWII myths is included here – this last requires a subscription.

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1 thought on “Week In Review: Commentary, Classics and History”

  1. Please consider dropping any further classifications of humans as separate Races. After 80 years of Slow maturing I find very little value in races. Without, we would be racism free. How? Simply (but very difficult) by dropping your race, ask all in association with you to drop theirs and no longer identify others as any race other than Human. I estimate at least 60 years to just get this started and established.
    It actually feels quite good to go through this. It starts with self, expands to your associates and then you start to phase out of looking at different races in the people you see or meet.
    Victor this may sound pre-posterous but by doing this all the fuel is removed from so many arguments. Best outcome, we no longer have to be divided and can look at the issue in historical terms rather than feeling we are stuck to relive the past.
    Love your comments and thoughts. This has been called simplistic but it is quite far from that.
    Rick Judy

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