Week In Review

Citizenship, Orwell and Our Times

The Dying Citizen, VDH’s new book, is out on October 5 this week. Enjoy the examination of citizenship and the threat of tribalism, bureaucracy, and globalization. The week’s work is still below.

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2 thoughts on “Week In Review”

  1. Great discussions, as always. Thank-you. The French are now lambasting America and its Leftist nonsense. Why didnt Macron and other French notables speak out last year? Or the year before? They know this, “woke,” garbage is destructive nonsense, but were willing to go along with it as long as they profited from it. Like all the other phonies here and abroad. So after being stabbed over the sub deal and who knows what else, they are taking a rational stance. It took being shafted for them to speak out for national identity, citizenship, French culture, intellectualism, traditional academia, rationalism and more.

  2. Love your work. I practice neurology in modesto. Your podcasts thru the hoover institutions are superb. I look forward to your new book. All the best. Jeffrey Levin MD FAAN Central Valley Neurology Modesto Ca.

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