We Need a Blueprint for the Future

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they talk about Mike Pence and the January-6th Committee, Jack Del Rio, Biden’s personal battles, and LGBTQ policies.

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11 thoughts on “We Need a Blueprint for the Future”

  1. What a clear headed coverage of events and people. There is no honesty, principle love of country left in the Democratic party with very few exceptions. The left is determined to bring this country down; and to listen to and read the great VDH explain it all for us is to get validation on the grandest scale.
    I dislike the dustup between Pence and Trump and dislike that aspect of Trump. But I demur about his lack of support for running again. In the face of all of the treasonous lies against him 24/7, President trump accomplished more good for the country than any president since Reagan and he will do it again. The choice is his to run and if he so chooses, he will win in a landslide because the left has NOTHING to offer that is valuable or helpful and we know Trump will get much more done in a second term than anyone else. I will take his mean tweets and umbrage now and then at disloyalty. Small price to pay for another great four years.

    I also hope Pence rethinks and does not decide to run if Trump runs. That would be terrible for so many reasons. I love Pence. He is an honorable conservative, but the left will woo him and then eat him alive.

  2. Victor I normally agree with 95% of what you say. But on Bill Barr you are misreading this guy and I will tell you why. In May of 2020 Barr made it a point to announce that Joe Biden was not a part of the Durham investigation. This obviously was a big favor to Biden in an election year. . Barr knew that the FBI had the Hunter Biden lap top for the entirety of 2020. He also knew that what Biden was saying about the lap top being Russian disinformation was all lies. Yet he never said a damn word. Would Garland have done the same for this President? The truth is Barr did not want Trump to serve another term. Lastly Barr announced on Dec 1 2020. that there was no fraud in the election. How in the hell could he have done enough investigation in the matter of only a few weeks to make that determination? He could not have. It would take literally a few years to do an honest investigation. Yet Barr did what he did to discredit Trump. So you can cling to your notion that Barr is an ” honorable” man but there is ample evidence that is not true.

    1. Barr did an interview that’s posted over at Hoover Podcasts. It’s worth listening to, whatever you think about the guy.

    2. It would be interesting to know what motivates Barr. A questionable or reluctant SWAMP creature?
      Trump was not well served. Most peculiar was his speedy pronouncement of “insufficient” fraud…
      MOST PECULIAR!!! The SWAMP: “Better SAFE than sorry about what lib culture, DC “friends”, media focus, hit jobs, and “investigations” will do to YOU!”

  3. You might be on to something talking about a blueprint.
    45 loves talking about buildings, it should be a good fit with any campaign he decides to run.

  4. Carolyn Conway

    Thank you once again for your comments. Ex President Trump should have had you as an advisor but he probably would have had a temper tantrum at your logic. If he turns out to be the candidate in 2024 I would vote for him or just abut any other conservative candidate. It’s the message, not the person, that is important.

    Your accomplishments are astounding so please take are of yourself. This country needs people like you. You keep conservative people like me from feeling alone in a crazy world.

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