Water, Waste, and Losing Face

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine California’s wastewater to water bill and other bad ideas, deductive indoctrination destroying our sophisticated society, the Shane-like character we need, Peter Daszak looking for public funds, and the most well-known cases of plagiarism.

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12 thoughts on “Water, Waste, and Losing Face”

  1. VDH’s knowledge & understanding of communism is astute and always completely accurate. Marx thoroughly understood the dialectic of history, and Lenin’s role fell into place. Many events led to the October Revolution; marrying the beautiful Alexandra, being influenced by Rasputin, failing to put an end to Lenin, allowing the Kaiser to get him into a war with Japan, etc. However, perhaps the most likely cause of Lenin & the Bolshevik Revolution was a tremendous lack of leadership on behalf of the tsar himself. Lenin would have never gotten away with his revolutionary activities had his father, Alexander III, prepared him to lead. Nicky became tsar of all the Russias completely unprepared and had nobody to rely on except himself.
    I’m very pleased that VDH is finally mentioning Donald Trump’s name in a positive way and has stopped bringing up the name of that rino Nikki Haley as the lesser of two evils.

  2. Joe Biden said he was in the lower two thirds and finished in the top half of his class. A real feat seeing as he could drop 17 points to achieve such success.

  3. James Howard Sherrard

    Toilet to tap does have an ICK factor granted, but at some point, based on population growth in LA, Phoenix, Las Vegas a useable water source would be gray water. House and lines would need to be replumbed to separate grey vs black water. The black water would continue going to the mun or POTW and gray water would be treated vis RO chlorinated and distributed back into the potable water. The ISS space station has done this for years. Each home produced approximately 120 gallons a day of grey water. This discussion is the future, but you need to build toward it with an infrastructure. Otherwise at some point you will see severe water rationing. Most cities treat stormwater run just by primary treatment which is retention and sedimentation and then it is discharged under an NPDES permit to a body of water. The technology exists to do this now and it is being done as you said in Israel. The problem with aquifer and surface water is water rights and how it is adjudicated, and agriculture get a large volume vs the city population. I agree diversion and flow restriction based on the 1973 Endangered Species act is fair game, that may be low hanging fruit. But there is no need to politicalize water infrastructure, instead of giving lip service get involved with water rights, T&E designations, water adjudication and the future trapping this mountain run- in aquifer fill zones. Lip services makes it could like we are helpless, and we care if it all just flapping of the lips.

    1. Why not just save the cost of the separate plumbing infrastructure, and continue to treat waste water as currently done and desalinate seawater? If you’re going to RO and chlorinate grey, why not use seawater as the input instead. Seems to me that would be far less resource intensive and easier to do.

        1. Robert Szpiczynski

          It is the most expensive when you look at average cost of acquiring water. In 2016 Israel was desalinating for about $0.4 per cubic meter which translates to roughly 250 gal of water. In US a person uses about 100 gallons a day. So the cost would be less then $5 a month for water. If you add overhead, transport, politicians skimming some from the top, etc. say times 10 it comes up to $50 a month. I would say a very reasonable number.

  4. Richard Borgquist

    Maybe a waste water pilot project piped into the Legislative Swing Building !
    Then into Political Party[s] HQs !
    Catholic Church has huge expense for sex misconduct lawsuits.
    Catholic priests could marry 300-1100AD.
    Then canceled for financial reasons.
    But two can live almost a cheap as one
    — plus wife is unsalaried and a diligent worker.
    Allowing married priests should attract a less troublesome priesthood.

  5. I agree with VDH’s comment about the differences in people on earth. Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson’s book “Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise” explains the genetic roots of all peoples. ‘Race’ is a mankind construct to explain the various shades melanin.

  6. Captain DeStructo

    The left leaning public sector is dragging our culture
    towards a controlled serfdom society run by an elite ruling class.

  7. Mr. Hanson,

    The reason CA bureaucrats don’t care about expanding our water storage (like building new reservoirs) is because it doesn’t check any boxes under the US Green building Council LEED Credits Category. Water Efficiency is listed as #2. You don’t get a fancy plaque on the wall for building a new reservoir, even if it is the more cost effective route. You do, however, score lots of LEED certified “credits” for using reclaimed water to flush your toilets, irrigation use, etc.

    I’ve watched a local Fortune 500 company bring in a 700 gallon reclaimed (purple pipe) water storage tank into their basement to score points for their LEED accreditation, only to have the system break and flood their entire tower’s basement to the tune of $500,000.

    Here are the categories

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