Water or How to Survive

The Weekend Edition is a walk through water projects from Ancient Greece and Rome to the modern crisis in California. Everyone should listen to Victor Davis Hanson talk with cohost Sami Winc on water and water rights, but especially Californians.

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4 thoughts on “Water or How to Survive”

  1. Once again, thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge of ancient subjects that transcend to current culture. This time being the importance of water. May your audience grow every day. You are SO CORRECT about what has happened in California in the past and now spiraling down the drain in hopes of saving the delta smelt and maybe some salmon.

    Bob Powers wrote books about early settlers in Tulare and Kern counties: High Country, This Old House and Cowboy Country. Those “woke”elites should read what the real world was like when early settlers arrived and is still like for many residents outside the ivory towers.

    As an aside, I’m blessed to have lived in a nice area because almost fifty years ago, March 15, 1972, our young family took a huge risk and left the San Fernando Valley to settle in a small community near the beach with a better public school system and cleaner air. Thanks to Prop 13 I can still live here but if that changes…… who knows?

    God bless you and your family Professor Hanson.

  2. Immediately following this I perused an article that stated the Biden regime wanted to “make America California again” by systematically attempting to destroy this country through all its actions since its installation by the military industrial complex, via prewritten executive orders to illegal diktats and forced medical experimentation (not to mention banning prophylactics and censoring dissent through private big tech entities). Through the revolving door we arrive at a frightful, totalitarian transhumanist utopia aptly entitled silicon valley, since its crust is thin yet rich the loot of the land, erstwhile the Greeks had no freedom because they had no massive land, being hemmed in pockets by mountains and sewed separate by oceans, so how exactly could they sustain their populations on the islands which lacked natural springs remains unclear, the true climate change of a gradual drying and cooling trend since antiquity perhaps provides an explanation simultaneously as to why California was not heavily farmed and occupied during pre-Columbian civilizations such as the Mayan culture subsisting on the limestone centoes; the Rubicon is today an ossified riverbed and therefore cannot be crossed by any invader; whilst those Israelis have a plethora of water though none from the briny Dead Sea below the water table.

  3. Thomas Travis Young

    120 years ago the San Juaqine would seasonally back into a lake west of Bakersfield. That’s all gone now. The water cycle has been drastically altered in California. No one acknowledges that,

  4. The other Sammy Wink

    The Leftists are completely comfortable importing all our food stuffs, just like our video games, Nike shoes, handbags, and multiple other material goods from China.

    For me personally, I would much prefer American-grown foodstuffs. Make American Food Independent Again!

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