War on Ag and Education in America

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss the Green war on agriculture and the woke war on knowledge and empiricism, and the glibness of Gavin Newsom’s hope to be a presidential candidate in 2024.

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14 thoughts on “War on Ag and Education in America”

  1. Dear Prof. Hanson,
    Please consider that all of our vegetation types evolved with summer lightning strike fires.

  2. I was interested in VDH comments on ranching, and meat production, cattle, hogs, chicken, ducks, sheep turkeys…MEAT.

    As a bow hunter, I’d like to draw attention to Hank Williams Jr.’s hit song A County Boy Can Survive. I’m here to tell y’all that w/o obedience to the DNR in your state…there will be no deer or game animals to eat, and streams rivers and lakes fished out.

    In an apocalyptic situation, w us native Americans country boy types, ALONG WITH the illegal flood of persons into America, all the animals and fish can be hunted out and fished out in a very short time.

    My point is, as you listen to VDH right now, know that in modern times A COUNTRY BOY CANT SURVIVE. Hunting and fishing only works when you obey DNR law.

    No farmers no food. Then no game & fish either.

    Check commercial hunting and near extinction of whitetail deer in the 1920’s. They shot every deer they saw! It can happen!

  3. Educator from Minnesota

    Kudos to Victor Davis Hanson for his practical and informed analyses/insights and host Jack Fowler’s adroit setup of Green Energy and related topics in context. The intensifying war being waged by the government on agriculture in the name of Green Energy isn’t sustainable. I’m aghast to hear about food weaponization now being waged against a Christian school by the Progressive policy makers. Woe to us if we fail to stop the government from causing even more damage to our country.

  4. Charles Carroll

    Loosely related to this podcast but you did spend quite a while talking about manure. Manure has always been valued for agriculture and was shipped to farmers around the world. In the days of sail, this was on wooden ships that were not water-proofed. The manure was dried out so that it would weigh less, put in sacks of some material like burlap, and then stowed aboard the ships. Being relatively unpleasant, it was stowed low in the hold; where it proceeded to get wet and commenced fermentation. Fermented nitrogen products exploded in a number of recorded instances, sinking the ship. So … it was determined that the manure should not be stored at the bottom of the hold. Ergo, shippers began putting advice on the sacks, suggesting that the manure be “Stored High In-Transit”. This was eventually shortened to its obvious acronym — S.H.I.T.

  5. ….and an ignorant, ill-educated populace is much easier to control…
    Equitable Math?!? Traits like accuracy, punctuality, responsibility are white constructs!!!?? You have to laugh not to cry

  6. Let’s be honest. We are living through a chicom takeover of America from the top down. Where is the GOP? Complicit. It’s a war on everything American, it’s a war on us.

    1. If you really believe that, then why are you wasting your time listening to Hanson and posting here like a sheeple awaiting slaughter or an FBI plant fishing for wack-a-doodles?

  7. I also have difficulty with math and physics, while doing well in verbal skills. Here’s how that works – “g”, the General Factor of Intelligence, is highly correlated. People tend to score about the same in math, spatial, and verbal domains EXCEPT those with high IQs. The higher the intelligence, the less the domains are correlated. That’s how you get folks like Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman, whose mathematical skills were likely too high to measure, but whose verbal skills correlated with an IQ in the 120s.

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