War, Italians, and Gender Dysphoria

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler analyze Edward Luttwak’s take on the Ukrainian War, the new prime minister Giorgia Meloni, Chris Cuomo’s new job, and transgendered v. biological women.

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15 thoughts on “War, Italians, and Gender Dysphoria”

  1. Jack Fowler, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. How could you not tell us there is a VDH app available to download?
    We hear about all the platforms where you can find the podcast, or Victors articles, the website subscription, but nothing about an app that makes it easier to hear Victors great wisdom?
    You’re usually so through.
    I’ll chalk it up to your recent visit to California. Which is enough to drive anyone insane. I know, I live here.
    Thanks for everything you do and thanks always for the wisdom of Victor. I’m sad to hear the Israel tour will be his last
    I would have liked to go.
    Hoping you’ll have a speaking engagement near me soon so I can tell you in person how greatful I am.
    Yours in good health,

    Rose Marie Fiske

    1. Marge Desiderio

      I’m a novice, how do I find the app for an android (not sure of spelling) phone. I have google play store. Thanks for info.

  2. Douglas Bulloch

    Dear Victor and Jack,

    I very much enjoyed your discussion of transgenderism, but I feel like you’re missing something and wanted to convey the desperation and anguish many people who are caught up in this issue feel.

    The author of this piece wants to remain anonymous, presumably because he wants to spare his daughter, but I think he grasps the central safeguarding failure of accepting ‘gender identity’ and how this co-opts a lot of well meaning people into spreading these dangerous ideas.

    I hope you read it. It’s called ‘Seeing An Invisible Elephant’ and can be found on the invaluable PITT (Parents with inconvenient truths about transgenderism) Substack


    Very best wishes from an admirer of your work.


  3. Charles Carroll

    I read that Giorgia Meloni did NOT attend university. If so, that is another reason why the elites of the European Union hate her and fear her.

  4. Interesting to let the Russian part of the Ukraine cede to Russia. I hear that some of the central provinces of Canada would like to join the US at least the find prior to Biden. Your thoughts?

  5. Barbara Humphreys

    The Alphabet People keep adding members. Now, it’s LGBTQP, with the “P” signifying the possible admission of the pedophile to the protected class, as we have seen recently in the UK. We note that the Alphabet People exclude any class that would require a vowel, which of course, is exclusionary. Not to worry, though! As Anthony Daniels insightfully prognosticated, in a “Triggernometry” podcast, there is nothing in the Left “morality” that should exclude incest since, as with state sanctioned murder of viable infants in a process called abortion, we have technology called contraception, which can prevent pregnancy and, thus, eliminate the genetic impracticality of incest. The obvious contradiction between availability of contraception obviating the need for an unwanted pregnancy in incest but being ignored in the need for an unwanted pregnancy and, hence, abortion, apparently does not apply since contradiction is not possible when the religion is Leftist Scientism. Anyway, with the possibility of incest on the horizon of the Left, we might experience the inclusion of a vowel to the alphabet people: LGBTQPI. Ah, inclusion has such benefits to the marginalized! One can only speculate if the old school “AEIOU and sometimes Y” will eventually make a comeback. How ironic that, in the distant future, Anthony might be viewed as a prophet by the Vowel People.

  6. Thank you for the piece on Luttwak. That gave me a chance to take in a long form essay and find additional content on a perspective on Ukraine that I don’t necessarily share. It was a very helpful boost to your podcast content.

    Do remember: 18th century wars may have been fought by clockwork soldiers in Europe, but they were genocidal hell in New England, the Northern First Nations, and Quebec!

  7. Post script:

    I think Heraclitus meant that the cosmos is composed of two principles, Ares and Aphrodite, and that all that exists is generated by the conflict between these opposites. Thus War is literally the Father of All. Determining what the fragments of the pre-socratics meant is always hard, but I believe I’m on safe ground here.

  8. Paula McDermott

    I very much enjoyed your discussion of Catullus’ Attis poem. Another ancient who well understood transgenderism is Juvenal although he is strong medicine for modern snowflakes.

  9. So would it have been advisable for Lincoln to have held a referendum in the South on secession from the Union? Would the result have been accepted? Would it have been a long term solution to the problem and without a modern war?

    1. Yup. Confederates had their referendum in 1860, didn’t like the outcome, and fired on Fort Sumter. Splitting up a country turns out to have a lot of practical difficulties.

  10. Luttwak is proposing local votes in the individual oblasts to determine whether they remain with Ukraine or go with Russia.
    It is not a proposal that would be properly accepted by Ukraine, Ukrainians, Zelensky or the West any more than it was accepted by the US, Americans and Lincoln when the Southern states individually voted to secede.
    Luttwak’s proposal is ridiculous. The orcs either have the might to steal the oblasts by force or they do not. A vote is superfluous and fatuous.
    The world’s and the West’s challenge is to make sure the orc boots go out. Ukraine is more than pulling its weight in this task.

  11. When president Zelensky exhorts, harangues, pushes, encourages, and thanks his Western supporters and de facto allies, he does so from Churchillian moral high ground with the solid authority of a firm Dutch Uncle. Ukraine is clearly a Western war. It is not just a local disturbance or European concern.

    In initially offering a ride, the West started from a position of bottomless, clueless, incompetence including the appeasing fecklessness of 2014 in Ukraine. Public opinion and the steadfast example of Ukraine have enabled begrudging, proper redirection of Western resolve.

    If Ukraine fails then the West and NATO directly face the nuclear blackmail of the prevailing, revanchist Kremlin tyrants.

    China closely observes the deadly and dead serious antics in Europe.

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