War in Afghanistan, Palestinian Patsies and Biden Bumbling

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc on this weekend episode for analysis of GOP candidates, Biden’s press conference, the two decades of war in Afghanistan, a TikTok video praising Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America,” and the owner of the Reedley biolab on trial.

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13 thoughts on “War in Afghanistan, Palestinian Patsies and Biden Bumbling”

  1. Sami, thank you for giving Victor the opportunity to restate his comments about Nikki Haley which were subverted by a “loyal” listener. I did my part in comment to J.M.

    1. With all due respect, this how losers talk and think.

      “Hey guys…if we lose this time, the country is LOST. But guess what we have option 1, 2 and 3.” LMAO

    2. Craig,

      Why do you insist on being the self-appointed thought cop for the rest of us?

      Is it just a transparent attempt to ingratiate yourself to Victor?

  2. Dear Victor,
    Following victory in ’24 will a TRUMP’s quest for vengeance on his adversaries bother or scare you?
    Finally, can DJT find an AG that is 100% on his side and loyal to his agenda part deux?
    I believe that if TRUMP cannot secure both houses, needing one .(HOR) Certainly a loyal AG would supplant the ineffectiveness of an
    absent, ineffective Senate. What say you?
    PS: I truly am a huge fan
    OH! LBNL: Sami I admire you as much too especially your voice and laughter.
    I truly love both.

  3. I appreciated Gavin honesty in response to the clean up of San Francisco
    Usually we are gaslighted with help from the media to sell an impossibility..
    I found it refreshing for a democrat for any politician to be honest.

    1. Never mind that Newsome has contributed to the diabolical state of San Francisco and seems to care more about impressing Xi than he does about his fellow citizens?

  4. There is a parallel between Left wing notions of justice as it applies to individuals, and similar Left wing reactions to “justice” as regards nations, both dependent on whether the Left views the perpetrator as a “cause célèbre”.

    As has been evident for several years, going back to the 2020 George Floyd riots in America, the Left has been a strong advocate for “no bail” laws, and defunding the police. This movement has primarily affected Blue states and/or Blue cities, and has resulted in increased crime across all spectrums, including violent crime such as murder and assault. The very light hand for criminals espoused has (to the detriment of victims) predictably resulted in more crime.

    How so with nations? Very soon after the Gazan attack on Israeli’s, we heard from the Left about a “ceasefire”, and “pauses”, and in particular, that the Israeli’s “deserved it” based on their prior behavior. Am I noting a similarity here? Isn’t that much like the Left’s view that crime victims somehow asked for it? – that state policies, and non-caring individuals created the criminal – and that the criminal bears almost no responsibility for their crimes?

    Some people are quite clear on the deterrent effect of disproportionate response towards aggressor nations – what about deterrence of the criminal behavior of individuals? Perhaps disproportionate response is not appropriate – but some deterrent effect certainly is warranted IMO.

  5. Such a fascinating discussion. It’s a treasure.
    Thank you.

    As far as proportional responses go, the Dems/leftists across our fruited plain abhor even a partial response to their own crazy claims on biology, logic, and wokisms.

    Long ago, the term “Okies” was used pejoratively in reference to the very poor fleeing areas of the nation that suffered greatly from climate upheavals. Those who could, headed west carrying everything they had with them seeking better opportunity or even just a slim chance at it. Probably those from Oklahoma were the first to go; thus the root of that term. But also more than a few came from struggling farms of Minnesota. Professor VDH seems to call it a dysphoria. I remember well an Aunt desperately voicing her worry over being seen as “Okies” as the families settled in Oregon and found work in the “woods” and sawmills of Sweet Home and Roseburg. Her generation and those before her seldom made it through high school because of the requirement of physical farm work first in order to even barely survive. Her children and some cousins, however, made it to and through colleges to enjoy lives far removed from that of the struggle to survive of their grandparents. They endured well despite some “Okie” name calling earlier.

    The time may yet come when a term like “Wokies” will serve the same principle as “Okies”.
    Shame on them.

  6. From what I was taught at the Naval Academy, Japanese naval officers did not want to go to war with the U.S. (and Britain). Why? Because naval officers required technical training and that training was provided in the U.S. and the U.K. Japanese soldiers ran their own training, did not spend time in the West, could remain immersed in their Bushido malarkey and delusional self-appraisals.

  7. Victor,

    Why do praise and admire Sherman so much? Did he not deliberately target civilians for starvation and humiliation in an attempt to win the Civil War? I also wonder if he would’ve had a more humbling experience had he faced an army of equal strength commanded by a Jackson or a Lee.

    When you realize that four slave states fought for the Union, Lincoln deliberately exempted their slaves from the EP, and initially black Union soldiers were paid less than their white counterparts one cannot fail to see that the majority of Southerners were forced at the point of bayonet to stay in the Union not so much to end slavery as it was to retain the geopolitical wealth and power of the South.

    Lincoln discovered that his magnanimity of lenient terms at Appomattox was reciprocated by a bullet.

  8. How did Hansen say Afghanistan has no wealth…… it has gold and copper and lots of other precious metals that the West and Asia covet….. That’s why we are/were interested.

  9. Victor,

    My wife and I absolutely LOVE listening to your shows. Your memory and ability to recall detailed lists of Biden Admin failures, Left wing hypocrisy, and many other topics, completely amazes me. Thank you for educating so many people. You are truly an American treasure.

    Thank you,

    Rich & Susan

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