Victor’s Favorite Novels, TV Shows, and Movies.

Listen in as co host Jack Fowler asks Victor about his top films, literary works, and TV shows of the past.

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28 thoughts on “Victor's Favorite Novels, TV Shows, and Movies.”

  1. The Great Book I misses until now was STONER . John Williams is the author. I recommend it highly.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. An absolutely lovely novel about facing life’s indignities with maturity and integrity. As a retired academic, I particularly liked the sections on academic politics and the incursion of postmodernism on critical literary studies.

      1. Such a tour de force! I was shocked at the end of it. That, as a life long reader, I had never even heard of the book or the author but only stumbled upon it looking through the local library ‘s audio collection as I cast about searching for some road trip diversions.

        As someone with friends in the academic world I imagine Stone’s college setting was more familiar than not.

  2. Carolee Wilson

    I could sit & listen to the two of you lalk like this for hours. I will have to go back & rewatch some of those old westerns. My father dominated our TV & all he wanted to watch were westerns. There wasn’t much else on in the early days. For a long time I couldn’t bring myself to watch another western. Perhaps now I will appreciate them more. Thanks for the entertainment.

    1. Even though I am a couple of decades younger than the Esteemed Professor, I too adore the song mentioned in his story. It was integral to the movie “Stand By Me” and was sung by the characters as they experienced the transition to adulthood via events of the story. I remember the lyrics often now, as i can’t help but empathize about being “without armor” in today’s America.

  3. Marge Desiderio

    Enjoyed the podcasts, some of the movies appear on TCM. Glad that Jack was back,
    I thought we lost him.

  4. I could listen to Prof. Hanson and Mr. Fowler all day. I’m really into movies and am a great fan of Sam Peckinpah. as well. The Wild Bunch is one of the best. Thanks for the great and very interesting listen.

  5. We always love listening to your thoughts and love your insight!! Thank you both for this show, it’s one if our daily highlights !!
    Steve and Roni Wilbur
    Tulare, Ca

  6. James Harrington

    I want to hear Victor walk us through the films of Quentin Tarentino some day. Also, if he ever stoops to comics… maybe 300, Xerxes, The Dark Night Returns…


    If you watch the last 15 seconds of Shane as he rides over that ridge and out of view he is actually in a cemetery, I assume that implies he did not survive.

  8. You’ve Got Mail was a remake of a much better movie: Shop Around the Corner. It starred Jimmy Stewart, not Cary Grant.

    1. Yes Steve … I was thinking of Sleepless in Seattle, the Hanks movie that is a remake of the Grant /Kerr 50s movie An Affair to Remember, which I think is a remake of some 30s film. Anyway thanks for the correction.


        Love Affair is the movie you are referencing, with Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne.

        Same director and almost word for word remake.

        John Wheeler


    Great podcast Jack. I wish I had a list of VDH’s favorite movies and books. Sadly I only remember a couple of the movies.

  10. Richard Boone shows up as a sailor in Alvin Kernan’s memoir of his time in the Navy, “Crossing the Line.” That is a very enjoyable read. Thanks for the book and movie suggestions.

  11. Jerzy Zielinski

    Dear and Esteemed Professor Hanson, you said “Conrad, Polish born American, he wrote in English…”. This might apply to me but not to my favorite writer Joseph Conrad. He visited in US but he was always considered British-Polish. I don’t think it really matters much however being your faithful follower I have learned to expect your meticulous expressions.

  12. Philip Pelletier

    Gunsmoke and Half Gun Will Travel! Bonanza was okay too but a bit odd! Never did understand Matt refusing Kittie’s advances? She was hot!

  13. William Kaulback

    Thank you for this enjoyable program. I was interested that you enjoyed Man on Fire (Denzyl Washington). I felt it was a poor Hollywoodisation of the excellent Man on Fire book by AJ Quinnel. As in The Count of Monte Christo the revenge was absolute and totally satisfying.
    Thank you too, from New Zealand, for your wise commentary on the US.

  14. Bradley Backes

    Love the podcast. I recently showed Shane to my family (3 young kids). After it ended, we discussed some of the themes of the movie. I asked them why Shane had to go, among other things. I asked what Shane’s fate would be, if he was hurt and how he would end up. My 11 yr old daughter pointed out that the fact he rode through a cemetery in the final scene was strong symbolism that he was going to die from his wounds.

    I have to say that I was shocked I had missed this in our viewing…and it was right there, not hidden in the least. Smart kid!

  15. What (if anything) are your thoughts about Duel in the Sun, King Vidor, director? I think that Gregory Peck’s portrayal of Lewt is stunning.

  16. I enjoy the podcast so much! This episode was no exception.

    Also, I fully noticed that VDH was a bit under the weather.

    It is so great when VDH is a bit agitated, he starts doing voices and really says what he thinks – I have difficult driving when that happens, I have to take it really slow then. So funny and liberating.

    This podcast keeps me going all day long – just wonderful.

    Kindest regards from Denmark also to Mr. Fowler and Sami Winc (the greatest of co-hosts)

    Jacob Naur


    Not to ruin your day but wokeness has now classified The Searchers as a thoroughly racist movie….and thereby named it the greatest Western ever filmed. In my sixties I was taking master’s classes at a local university and took a course in American Film. The text referenced The Searchers as racist based on a French film critic’s heavy handed analysis.

    Take a look at Kyle Smith’s piece in the WSJ of some years ago on this ridiculous piece of woke nonsense.

    Love the show, listen while I work out to drown out the rap music at the gym.

    BTW, nothing tops Shane.

    John Wheeler

  18. Carroll Morrison

    thank you for insight into your life. I was wondering your take on old Clint Eastwood westerns. I like the Rowdy Yeats character because his facial expressions were wonderful then progressing to the Unforgiven and Pale rider were really good at the hidden message I think. and I would like your take on 3.10 to Yuma. the older and the newer. I think Russell Crowe did a very good job.
    thanks for insights into what pleases you. I will amazon shane asap
    S Morrison

  19. Aaron Greenberg

    I just watched Wild Bunch per Victors recommendation. It is great film about the dying Old West. I may have missed something but could you explain why the boys near the end stiff the poor whore ?

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