Victor Davis Hanson Talks with Mike Gallagher

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4 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson Talks with Mike Gallagher”

  1. Carolyn Conway

    Dr. Hanson, I have not read or heard any comments by you that I disagree with. Thank you so much for your messages. I’m concerned about my children (who are in their fifties) and grand children’s futures as this country sinks into socialism. Even here in Orange Country, liberalism has taken hold as new residents move in from all over. I have qualms about the integrity of our election process. To me, the only reason Democrats are against photo identification is that they are promoting unlawful voting and can’t win without it. Please continue speaking out so eloquently and I will pray for your safety as you live on your property in the San Joaquin Valley.

  2. Mr. Davis, I am reading your book Carnage and Culture, find it extremely insightful and educational it’s a reference source to military world history. My question is can you elaborate about them meaning of term energy when you write that “few scholars can disconnect the question of morality from energy”
    Thank you

  3. Paul E. Dawson

    Dear. Dr. Hansen,
    i would like to use this reply to address another subject that has been on mt mind now that we are pulling out of Afganastan.
    i have always thought if we don’t stop the drug trade and the money it generates we cwn not win the war.
    i have though we should use a Roman soultion and salt or chemically kill any field found in priduction of the poppy. this would stop the drug lords and Talaban nuts from their funds to keep their war going.
    I have watched many of your talks on war, solutions, and how to get in and out of wars but i have never heard anybody say we have to kill the drug trade to have any chance to win.
    I am a Vietnam vet and i don’t think we ever had a wining mind in that war.
    Yours truly,
    Paul E. Dawson
    Captain U.S. Army 69 to 75

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