Victor Davis Hanson: Revisionist History and the Dying Citizen | Robinson’s Podcast #112

Robinson and Victor discuss The Dying Citizen. More particularly, they talk about the Ancient Greek origin of a flourishing egalitarian society centered around the notion of citizenship, the way this history has been subverted and recast, the perils of judging the past through the lens of the present, how citizenship is threatened in the United States today, and the nature of human progress.

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6 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson: Revisionist History and the Dying Citizen | Robinson's Podcast #112”

  1. Victor is correct to separate man’s technological achievements from his perceived morality.

    Here’s a paraphrase from Dennis R. Peterson who contrasts a secular understanding of man’s nature which equates technological advancement with moral development and a biblical understanding of man’s nature which sees man as descended in capability with periodic revivals of technology and longstanding moral degeneration –

    Evolutionary view of man is that he began at his lowest and gradually evolved upward in technological skills, physiological abilities, wisdom, and culture.

    Biblical view of man is that man was created perfect at his peak capacities and rebelled against God and is now in a state of intellectual degeneration and moral depravity with periodic revivals in technology.

  2. Short Version –

    Man should not think that he is morally superior to the past because his technology is more sophisticated today as if all his capacities are being refined through evolution.

    Man should see himself as fallen from his peak abilities because of sin and now exists in a state of flawed reasoning and moral degeneration. (Romans 1:18-32)

    e.g.s. Abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and open borders all exhibit destructive reasoning with moral failure.

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