Victor Davis Hanson Lecture at Hillsdale College

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2 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson Lecture at Hillsdale College”

  1. Great lecture!!! Everyone should see this because it pretty much explains everything. Without a doubt, the Globalist movement is a return to Serfdom.

  2. The Great Reset, Schwab organization, should be identified as World Economic Forum, WEF, the most recent reiteration of Council of Foreign Relations and David Rockefeller’s 101 dedicated years of networking ruling class of internationalist Globalism.

    Hanson fails to note that Schwab’s annual Davos confabs include foreign leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Macron and the still vital European monarchies. Constitutional monarchy is oxymoronic and conflict with Hanson’s definition of Civilization. Also, note that Israel is not ‘civilized’ according to Hanson’s definition of constitutional democracy because Israel has no constitution; most likely because the first precept of a constitution is based on citizen’s equal-protection rule of law. 14th Amendment, Sec, 1. Israel is officially theocratic since 2018. Native Palestinians are not afforded basic rights.

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