6 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson: FBI Should Be Broken Up, Agents Moved to Other Departments”

  1. VDH, I’ve been wrestling with the Trump/DeSantis question as well.

    I have broken down the logic as follows:
    1. Obstruction. Either person will suffer an onslaught of enough intensity that there would be no discernable difference. This is because the democracy/progressives have learned that they can do whatever they want, and it works. So, I call the issue of obstruction even.

    2.Age. It’s again now or never for Trump simple as that.

    3.Alienating people. The same core groups will vote for or against evenly. The “independents” will call it. It will be the number of independents v voter fraud.

    4. campaign issues.
    The democracy/progressives (democrats) are going to savage Trump by blaming him for the failed vaccines (haste makes waste) warp speed. I’m not sure if he can get past this – he doesn’t even bring it up at the rallies anymore. Then the whole Mar Lago thing. We know the raid was a BS. So it comes down to the warp speed issue. I believe he can get one free pass on that poor decision.

    Therefore, I think Trump should go for it, as it’s going to come down to voter fraud.

    Dave Carlson
    Valencia, Ca.

    1. The dem/progressives know they have to win. A Republican House will crucify them for 2 years.
      There’s only one certain way for the left to escape their fate: right the ele tion any way they can or declare pretextual emergencies, soon.
      Last resort, martial law.
      Harsh times are coming. It could get bizarre.

  2. The entire government must be de-centralized. Why not shift the administrative department of the government into various locales outside DC in the midwest? It would be easy to do given our new cyber capabilities.
    Washington DC has been called Hollywood for ugly people but it’s deeper than that. I am a denizen of Hollywood, so I can see the striking similarities.
    I am a New Yorker (the old, now-dead, wonderful city) and had to relocate to the world’s largest outdoor mausoleum, Hollywood, for work.
    It is also the world capital of lies. Not only on the screen but in the daily life of those who work in this “industry.” For fear of offending someone who may be a source of work, no one ever tells the truth. You never know, which means, tomorrow you may need him or her. All relationships are transactional. No one has real friends.
    There are two states of being in Hollywood. You are either employed by the powers that be, the studios, or you are not. If you’re not, you’re as good as dead. You are a non-person. Totally disenfranchised.
    It’s a medieval structure. Outside the walls of the fortress, you starve, inside you thrive. Unlike New York, where being unemployed can be productive and fun-filled, in Hollywood, being unemployed is like having a communicable disease.
    The recent rehearsed testimony by the female Trump aid in the Jan 6 Star Chamber is a prime example of the Hollywood/Washington DC conformity. She was out of work for more than a year.

  3. After the announcement of Trump’s exoneration, Senator Richard Burr, a NC replublican and chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, sent me a letter asking me to answer another round of questions about collusion with Russia. My lawyer Abbe Lowell pushed back, noting that I had already answered the committee’s questions in July of 2017. Plus, the Mueller report closed the case. Yet Burr refused to abandon an investigation into which he had invested so much time. So he threatened me with a subpoena. – Jared Kushner

  4. Charles Carroll

    Since everything in a democracy (federal republic) has to be sold, the argument for dispersing federal agencies among the states probably shouldn’t be approached solely from a ‘get them out of D.C.’ viewpoint. Want to get the governors/senators/representatives on board? Start talking up the lucrative jobs and prestige that will be theirs when federal agencies are headquartered in their states and cities and they will jump on the bandwagon and begin campaigning.

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