Victor Davis Hanson blasts Delta’s CEO on ‘wokeness’: ‘If you make $17M’ you’re ‘not committed to equity’

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7 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson blasts Delta's CEO on 'wokeness': 'If you make $17M' you're 'not committed to equity'”

  1. Another super excellent easy to understand explanation. I pray–that you are right: that history will repeat itself and that the woke “leaders” will be devoured by their own craziness. I love that there are more places to follow you and hear your thoughts–all follows should push back hard against anyone who tries tocall them or their ideas racist. If we work together, we will make a difference.

  2. Victor Davis Hanson comes from inherited income producing land that is situated where legal & illegal immigrants have landed & come to dominate the neighborhood where he lives. He does not believe that the newer citizens or neighbors deserve the rights of citizens such as himself because they have not lived long enough there and they get away with dog fighting, cockfighting and burglary. The local police are cowed by what equals to him an invasion of barbarians.
    I do not know how much Victor Davis Hanson makes. I will say that no one has a patent on hypocrisy. I wanted a gun when I became poor in Fort Lauderdale and my neighbors stole whatever I had insight. They started with the spare in my aged Ford Truck. No one wealthy would have to attempt to live in peace with neighbors as I had, or have had. On that sort of point he is correct.
    Simply being working class means you’re unlikely to afford the safest of neighborhoods. The CEO of Delta is not to be censured for speaking out against Georgia’s new petty laws clearly meant to disenfranchise Black & working class voters. Neither Victor or the others with wealth & power ought condone GOP goals and methods no matter their own resources. FDR was seen by many as a betrayer of his class. Robert Kennedy was affected by the poverty of Appalachia.
    The classist fears that the lumpen proletariat will seize the ballot & bankrupt the treasury leaving nothing for them. As it is much of this fear goes long back before there were good statistics about what working people spend their money on. It is always Education for their children and home improvements.
    No government system works if it is not believed in. That is another problem. We must work to give all citizens reasons to believe in their system.
    In the 20th Century Democracy has won if you note the occurrences of famine. Repeatedly the majority has voted for candidates who lost because of the anti democratic manipulations made possible by the electoral college and a politicized Court.
    Victor Davis is a smart fellow. As much as I want a better world for my class here in the US that sells democracy I want the same for Victor.

  3. I wish Laura Ingranham would ask a question or make a comment and then shut up and stop interrupting people who know a helluva lot more than she does. Very irritating the way she interrupts. Stop it!

  4. Well, all these corporations and their CEOs just suck up to the powerful. They don’t really care what the ideology is behind all this. “If you cannot beat them, join them”. This is motivation. We need to stop giving them a credit for deep understanding and knowledge of the fashion of the day. Fear for their own survival is the root of all this. Because of the well organized and ruthless group in power, these corporations are ready to accept and promote whatever they see is needed in this moment. In other words they are prostitutes who will change their views on a dime, only if the authorities are different. This change is what’s important…

  5. Philippe Stessel

    “Sonnenfeld [the Yale School of Management professor who helped organize the conference call], said the strong attendance on the call as a ‘statement of defiance’ against Republican pushback to corporate criticism.

    ‘We had the top brass of American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta. If they’re going to boycott airlines, they better have their own jet,’ he said.”

    What a preposterous, arrogant, and dismissive comment Mr. Sonnenfeld makes. It doesn’t take much to see how this attitude is an extension of the Cancel Culture mentality: “we’re doing this, and what are you going to do about it?” He would do well to know that it isn’t just a handful of Republican politicians who are incensed at the false pieties of the university and corporate world. We the People, are sick of it, too. (That includes many non-Republicans.)

    I wonder what that arrogant professor sitting in his ivied ivory tower has to say about the fact that the American taxpayers (ALL of us) gave those airlines $40 billion to tide them over during the pandemic? Do we get a private jet? Or even a say?

    Vengeance is a dangerous thing. But the ‘woked’ comeuppance will be glorious.

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