2 thoughts on “VDH on the Lars Larson Show”

  1. A day without VDH is no day at all.

    No one ever got more for their money than Martin and Illie Anderson. Thanks Victor, you’re the best.

  2. Professor Hanson: that was quick!!!
    Do you believe Biden is a rational person at present?
    Biden seems to be an amanuensis of other people who have puppet strings attached to Biden. Who or what group is controlling Biden? Is it Obama through Susan Rice? It is difficult to believe the policy faux pas since Biden became President are a series of inept decisions as opposed to a planned weakening of the United States for nefarious or Orwellian reasons? Without actual knowledge of high level opposition to the left wing progressive agenda, it would seem there would be some organized plan to depose this gang, which is rapidly destroyig our country? The KGB could not have more effectively planned Americas demise? Several friends of mine are waiting for the declaration of a national emergency, which will cancel the mid-term election and allow the democrats to government by decree.
    Please enlighten me that the thoughts expressed herein aren’t the ramblngs of an 80 year old who has contracted Biden derangement syndrome?

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