2 thoughts on “VDH on Martha MacCallum”

  1. Carolyn Conway

    I agree with your concise logical comments in every message. Also like your comments about the San Joaquin Valley and your life there. My relatives lived in Fresno for many years and I spent a lot of time traveling through the Valley on old 99. After driving down the Grapevine in my leaky 55 Thunderbird, I’d stop next to a cotton patch to cool of my feet in an irrigation ditch. It breaks my heart that things are going in the wrong direction there now. Politicians and business men 100 years ago may have done a some things wrong but they certainly had more common sense than politicians now.
    Almost old enough to be your mother.

  2. What’s your opinion favorite or (otherwise color,) on the origin of the Wuhan virus? Do you think was militarized virus that leaked out of the frosty lab refrigerator or ….otherwise synthesized by artificial means. Was there American money (ie funding of sorts .whether for cancer research or metal labs hydrsulic stuff ..just settle the score for menvolved in the lab research…My question : to the traditionalist was there a military connection.

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