VDH Joins Jan Jekielek from The Epoch Times

This requires a paid subscription to Epoch Times and is well worth it.  This link takes you to the ad link: Watch VDH on Epoch Times with Jan Jekielek

Jan interviews Dr. Hanson on the Ukraine war from his ranch in the Central Valley.

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4 thoughts on “VDH Joins Jan Jekielek from The Epoch Times”

  1. First-rate interview. Professor Hanson was his usual terrific self. Jan Jekielek is right up there alongside John Anderson (former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia) as two of the best interviewers working today.

    1. I agree 100% with everything you have said regarding VDH JJ and JA. I listen to all three gentleman at every opportunity.

  2. Robert Stewart

    Prof. Hanson, one of the arguments in favor of the Putin adventure is that Russia needs “buffer states”. I regard this as an evasion. What is meant by a “buffer”? It is vast landscape of rubble, inhabited by wandering tribes of primitive survivors? Is Canada a buffer state? And if so, is it the US’s buffer, or is it Russia’s buffer? Are buffer states incapable of acting in the interests of its inhabitants? Is Cuba a buffer state since it does not seem to act in the interests of the vast majority of its inhabitants?

    On another point, you and Jan seemed to be talking about different things when you argued that over half the world’s population seems to be willing to stand aside as Russia reduces the Ukraine to rubble. You were speaking of the opinions of those who matter in autocracies, the rulers, while Jan assumed that the ordinary man in the street is most likely appalled at bombing cities into oblivion. I agree with you.

    There’s been a lot of talk about how it is honorable to support the Ukraine, often accompanied by the thought that opposing evil should be a key goal of our policy. This mode of thinking is rather childlike. We seem to accommodate evil regimes like the CCP when we have something to gain from it. And Cuba and Venezuela have been given a pass despite their proximity to our country. Are you concerned that the Biden administration might suddenly pivot into a position where they confront the evil Putin in ways that could escalate the conflict?

  3. Stopped Epoch Times when they went paywall exclusive. Shame, I would have enjoyed it, but another monthly sub in addition to this one? Nah.

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