VDH Discusses Raymond Ibrahim’s New Book on the History of Islam

A view into the conflict between Muslims and Christians: VDH interviews Raymond Ibrahim about his new book Defenders of the West. Ibrahim is an authority on Islam and Arabic history.

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8 thoughts on “VDH Discusses Raymond Ibrahim's New Book on the History of Islam”

  1. Charles Carroll

    For those who want (and can stomach) a description of the impalement policy of the Muslims in 15th and 16th century Bosnia and Serbia, read “Bridge on the Drina” by Ivo Andric that won the 1961 Nobel Prize for literature. Based on the real life bridge at Visegrad and contemporary documents, it speaks to the bonus provided to the impaler if the Christian lived for several days after impaling. About half way across the bridge, it widens with a plaque on one side and a bulging area for seats on the other side wherein the people could enjoy all of the impaled Christians spaced along the course of the bridge.

  2. Loved this interview.First class.Ive recently read about the fate of Smyrna(Izmir) after the First World War.It is horrific reading.I dont know if VDH has talked about Smyrna in detail but Id lreally appreciate any insight from him.

  3. I remember reading as a young adult a short story about an East L.A. teen explaining why he joined his gang. He lived with his grandmother and his mother with his father having been incarcerated. He described his grandmother and her “Loser” religion with Jesus, the Saints and Martyrs and their “Loser Eyes”. Christianity he said was a religion for Losers not Warriors like himself. He went on to describe “Cholo Culture” and his loyalty to the Gang, who he considered to be his real family and their exploits: Stealing, getting high getting drunk, gang fighting, gang bangs with drunk girls, graffiti and running from the cops. But it was the fear and lack of disrespect he encountered within his own neighborhood where poverty and fatalism ruled which were the real attraction to Thug Street Culture. In listening to this broadcast and reflecting on other articles and books by authors such as Lars Brownsworth and Robert Spencer I was struck with realization of the similarity of Thug Street Culture with the rise of Islam. Indeed the next step from Thug Gangs is organized crime mobs with their sophisticated rules, regulations and business models.

  4. While the origin of Islam in the area around Mecca and Medina can explain why it was adopted by tribes and clans that were similar, the newly converted muslims in other countries were much different. Why, then, did they stay muslims, even when the force was withdrawn (e.g. Albania, Pakistan) and on top of that became as devoted as the original Arab tribes?

  5. Theodore Branin

    I have never read Ibrahim but know he is excellent and will buy the book. I have read many other books about Islam so I am familiar with what Ibrahim relates. My inquiry is: How many jihadis have come in through our southern border to stage a 9-11 #2 or #3, the same size, inaugurate an Islamic insurgency? Just some thoughts to ponder. Branin, Esquire

  6. Great interview: informative and well conducted! More please! Also, so glad that corrupt flake Vlad Littledragon was willing to fight to the last Wallachian. His brother was willing to to use a more Thucydidean calculus and cut a deal…

  7. I’m skeptical of the attitude of blaming somebody else for one’s own problems. The Greeks say the west abandoned them, forgetting years of east-west division and final split in 1054. The Muslims say the Wahhabis are extremists and corrupted their faith, forgetting they say the same about Christianity and reject the Triune God. Christianity denies nothing of Judaism because Christ says so.

    The Marian apparitions at Fatima, Portugal (named not for the prophet’s daughter, but for the daughter of an expelled Muslim chief who converted to Catholicism); Zeitoun, Egypt (perhaps near the home of the Holy Family in exile among the idols of the Egyptians, “out of Egypt I have called my Son”); and the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City (Guadalupe, perhaps a transliteration of Coatlalopeuh, who crushes the head of the serpent, coatl, and stands upon the crescent moon of Islam); these three famous apparitions give us hope that “they may all be one” as the Father is one with the Son, that missionary work must continue in lands thought lost to the Muhammadans, and the West must reverse its apostasy to atheism, secularism, Darwinism, feminism, modernism, communism — errors of Russia — or entire nations will be annihilated.

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