Ukraine In Crisis: Who Will Help?

Victor Davis Hanson and Sami Winc talk about the Russia/ Ukraine crisis and finish up with a mention of Neil Young’s boycott of spotify.

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13 thoughts on “Ukraine In Crisis: Who Will Help?”

  1. Thomas M. Williams

    I am a visitor from somewhere out in the nether to planet earth. I see this hash of flying scripts and theoretical blabber about NATO and Russia and who knows what will happen and why the world is in deep peril if Biden doesn’t make Putin bite his lip and so on and so on. So, WTFO? Does anyone, repeat, anyone think that the Russians are stupid enough to start a world war????? Biden, yes; but Putin? (Just my comment)

    1. It doesn’t matter what people think about Russia. What matters is that most of America isn’t at all interested in paying money and losing the lives of their family and children in just another exercise in being the world’s policeman. Most Americans are tired of these useless incursions into other country’s civil wars.

  2. Great dynamic between the hosts today!

    I haven’t met many moderate Democrats recently, but there are a ton of disaffected post-Democrats and young never-Trumpers that a moderate Democrat could easily win.

    Btw. Where is the Ukrainian-American community? There are plenty of Ukrainian-American actors and actresses why aren’t they lobbying for western countries to intervene?

    P.s. Love the impressions of the nor cal accents. Try adding a little Jessica Walters in Arrested Development for your Nancy Pelosi.

  3. I listened to today’s Podcast and in summary my take “ it’s complicated.”
    So unfair question- what is your betting line on “will Putin invading Ukraine?

  4. Does anyone know, by what mechanism, or by what leverage, Biden or the government of the USA can turn off a pipeline in international waters (Nordstream 2) built by Russians to supply energy to Germans? Without regard to right or wrong, how does that happen?

  5. George milovich

    If you understand the history of Russia and its people separate from Putin then it’s not that hard to see what’s the best coarse of action to take with Ukrainian issue. Without a long explanation one needs to understand that the Ukraine was part of Russia before America was in existence. Putting rockets aimed at Moscow is like China putting rockets in Mexico. What would you do you have to put your self in pitons place. Yes he’s a scoundrel but protecting his country is his job in this case we have no business pushing NATO to incorporate the Ukraine…

    1. George, you speak truth. Based on your last name I have to conclude that you may have Croatian heritage as do I. We know from our history that during three centuries of wars against the invading Muslim Ottoman Empire, Croatia was torn in pieces and spiritually disunited. Having lost its historic territories, it also lost half of its population due to the invaders. The borders of the Ottoman Empire, won in the wars with Croatia, became the spatial, i.e. physical, and political borders of Croatia. Under a heavy burden of the legacy of its past, Croatia and the Croatian nation entered the eighteenth century. The consequences of those events of the distant past were felt for centuries, all until the reestablishment of the Croatian nation and its international recognition in 1992. Many people believe now that Croatians migrated from the Ukraine. I tend to favor that explanation as well. I have very little faith in NATO and believe their intervention into the Balkans was a mistake and highhanded.

  6. I saw an interesting article today about Putin being Gog, as in Gog/Magog. It was released by in December 2018.
    Have you heard of this and what is your opinion on it.

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