Ukraine and Kanye

Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc talk about the real sensibilities of Never-Trumpers, pre-emption and nuclear talk in the Ukraine War, Kanye West’s interview with Tucker Carlson, and Biden’s inflation.

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8 thoughts on “Ukraine and Kanye”

  1. Great show. I wish that your show aired a little closer to the news cycle. The LEFTISTS in Usgov going to attack Desantis is a topic unto itself and an example of LEFTISTS using the government powers to manipulate elections.

  2. So I sense the beginnings of a positive Ukraine policy forming in these last podcasts.
    A. Use US aid as leverage to force Ukrainian reform.
    B. Use US aid as leverage to shape a common policy with Ukraine and its allies on the war’s parameters and ultimate goal.
    C. Cool the nuclear rhetoric.
    D. Stop any regime change rhetoric.
    E. Use diplomatic channels to push Russia to allow an open and transparent plebiscite in the regions it still holds.
    F. Refresh ties with India.
    G. Open up US oil production full throttle and get liquid natural gas shipments going to Europe.
    H. Push for the renewal of an Israeli Cypriot pipeline.
    I. Allow Victor to tie Zelenskyy to a chair and give him a four hour lecture on the topic of Z’s bad ingratitude, bad taste in clothes, and mean tweets. (Everything that’s ok when Trump does it but is unforgivable when some upstart ukie actor does it).

    Ok. That’s an agenda. That’s not mere grousing or being H.R.’s favorite curmudgeon.

  3. Thank you for a really outstanding podcast full of Hanson’s intelligent common sense on urgent contemporary dilemmas. He cuts through the miasma of accepted views and honestly and critically examines thorny issues. Every point he makes is backed by solid, convincing evidence and/or a relevant example. And he does it all in a measured, good-willed spirit, “with malice toward none”.

  4. Victor, I respect you very much. I always come to expect you being very knowledgeable, precise on matters discussed, but you view and opinions on Ukraine matters shows that you are not aware, even roughly, on the relationship between Biden’s administration and Ukraine. You keep repeating 80 billions, but the number is not even close. Do all of your listeners a favor, spend 10 minutes checking out the site:
    and check “Military Aid” tab, see graphs for easy grasp. Ten minutes!
    Just so you know, there are probably (very likely) more than 100,000 civilian people killed: children, elders, women. I’m very disappointed.

  5. Steven Baginski

    Big fan but….

    I find myself wishing for a conservative alternative to Trump but not for the reasons mentioned here by VDH. It’s not because of Will, Kristol, Cheney, Dispatch etc who I have never looked at and it’s not because of morality relative to say LBJ. It’s mainly because he too frequently aids the libs. The GA senate runoffs are one example. His current senate picks are another. Not hard to list several others. Would VDH please address this?

    Also, would VDH itemize his preferred approach to Ukraine situation. I get that he thinks many are way too “hawkish” but not clear what VDH advocates irrespective of others opinions.

    Thank you.

    1. Yup and yup. And much more kindly and graciously put than I did. Hats off to you, sir, for your sober and judicious tone.

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