Tune In Before You Tune Out

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Jack Fowler on give-aways to the transgendered in Palm Springs, on Democrats needing the 2 million illegal constituency crossing the border, the Euro elite type, and a court case against Oberlin college.

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6 thoughts on “Tune In Before You Tune Out”

  1. Well, if this were the Late Roman Empire, Obama and the other oligarchs would want all those illegal immigrants on their estates to increase their independence in the midst of a system in flux. Wouldn’t it be greener for these walled compounds to have a peasant population to produce their own organic food, make their own ethically sourced products, repair and reuse rather than replace? He could even build his own stone chapel and install Jeremiah Wright. Real lack of imagination… A system like that is also a lot harder to pressure or outright sanction.

  2. Transgenders are the new saints of the alt-left. No one dare criticize them, everyone wants their child to become one, no expense must be spared in glorifying them.

  3. Disappointed to hear from VDH the false claim that transgenderism has some sort of concrete medical basis. There is no evidence that transgender people have anything other than a fetish or mental illness. There is no evidence that they have the “neurology” of the opposite sex or anything of the sort.

    1. Shadow Banned by CFP

      I can’t speak for Professor Hanson, but you’re either misattributing or misinterpreting him when he talks about a “definable, physical…challenge”, a medical condition (witness the handbook of mental disorders, DSM-5, a.k.a. the state sanctioned, the Literature, for the priestly caste of the Science) offhand described as the “neuro system not matched with the physical system” not to demean anyone’s feelings, and that this sexual dysphoria subsists in 1/2 % of the population according to reports to doctors who have then labelled this as a defined condition “gender dysphoria” (a Greek word).

      The point was that human nature is unchanging, that in particular the ancients and ancient Greeks wrestled with these issues centuries ago, which we know about through all sorts of mythologies and texts discussing the self-mutilation of sexual organs in antiquity, often as part of a cult of demon worship, which was adamantly opposed by the early Christians and still is today. Contrastingly male circumcision isn’t required in Christianity unlike Islam and orthodox Judaism, though Christ was circumcised himself, the first blood shed by Our Lord the same as the last shed on the Cross and immortalised onto the Shroud of Turin: fully human, fully male; type AB; with 24 chromosomes, 23 from the Blessed Virgin Mother, and 1 Y chromosome from Our Father.

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