Trump’s Morning Joe Tweets

By Victor Davis Hanson
National Review‘s The Corner: The one and only.

Just when the media take-out of Trump has backfired and exposed an endemic absence of journalistic ethics and chronic malpractice, Trump goes on another crass and extraneous Twitter attack against the increasing irrelevant MSNBC morning hosts (who have in turn often unprofessionally attacked him).

The point is not to suggest another “watch your tweets” warning to Trump, but rather a reminder that lots of hoi polloi Trump base supporters are slowly growing tired of the distractions.

For them the point is not just “acting presidential” (we are, after all, in the post-Obama age of televised presidential Final Four picks, tough-guy attacks on Sean Hannity, GloZell, To Pimp a Butterfly, and ankle bracelets going off in the White House) but rather distractions from the agenda.

There may be advantages, as Obama discovered, in lowering the presidential bar to resonate the flavors of popular culture, but right now no one is accusing Trump of being a stuffed shirt, but rather of not focusing enough on getting health care and tax reform through Congress, which in turn would provide the momentum for far more long-needed legislation.

When you talk to the proverbial Trump base, they are happy with the Trump agenda and his pushback against the media, but usually voice only one worry: “When is he going to cut back on those tweets?” — again not because they object to Trump’s targets, but because they feel their shared agenda is weakened by wasted efforts and the tweets tend to take the stake out from a hemorrhaging vampirish media.

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