Trump Russia investigation rested on a house of cards

Please read the following article by my colleague Paul Gregory in The Washington Times

A review of the public record demonstrates that the Russia investigation rested on a house of cards assembled by high-level officials to prevent Donald Trump’s election or to ensure that his administration would fail. This conclusion rests on mainstream media accounts, primarily of The New York Times.

The Russia probe imposed a considerable cost in terms of international status, domestic tranquility, political paralysis and a challenge to the outcome of a democratic election. It weakened the Trump presidency to the benefit of his political opponents, and boosted Vladimir Putin’s claim of the crookedness of American democracy.

President Trump’s narrative is that political enemies launched a phony and premeditated “witch hunt” designed to remove him from the office to which he was duly elected by 63 million voters. He insists that he had no contacts with Russian officials. He and his small campaign had no time for hanky-panky with the Kremlin. His opponents did not even have the sense to know his infamous public call to the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s emails was a joke. Mr. Trump notes that no sane person would collude with a foreign power on national television.

Mr. Trump’s opponents in media and in the national security community claim that Mr. Trump’s Russian contacts, campaign statements and actions of campaign advisers justified the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation (July 2016), the FISA surveillance warrants on a campaign adviser (October 2016-June 2017), and the appointment of a special counsel (May 17, 2017). The anti-Trump forces assert that they did everything by the book as conscientious career officers charged with defending the country.

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