The Political Spirit or Spirited Politics

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Trump’s influence on the Republican Party, the Supreme Court’s role in J6 riot, border policy, and Queensland heelers.

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10 thoughts on “The Political Spirit or Spirited Politics”

  1. By the time these podcasts are released, at least recently, you guys are woefully behind. Your mission to get Trump is becoming tiresome. Now that it turns out that Trump indeed moved the needle, will there be corrections? This behavior, as well as continued support for lying, deepstate coup plotter and “this ( covid ) is a live exercise ” Mike Pompeo, is troubling. Yes, Trump runs his mouth, but he turns out right very often. You’d think you guys would’ve picked up on that by now.

      1. Ah, tell me how DeSantis is the key. What is the effect of these little cuts on Trump from Apple Jack ( the instigator ) and Victor? The pearl clutching, the knee jerk observations, all end up aging like Madonna. Perhaps subtlety is beyond you, but the incessant over-analysis of Trump’s every “error” and complete ignoring of GOP failures and phonies is “indeed tiresome”. Try again, without your feefees this time.

    1. DeSantis IS the mortal enemy. There hasn’t been someone such as he since Lindbergh, Coughlin, Geo Wallace.
      Trump is correct in opposing DeSantis.

  2. I’m amazed no one mentions Lindsey Graham when assessing blame for 2022. When roe v wade was overturned, conservative blogs immediately soothed anti-life panic by assuring everyone that the decision in no way makes abortion illegal. It just turns it back over to the states where people can vote one way or the other. So along comes Lindsey. After looking at the political realities, he floated a federal bill prohibiting abortion. The message was clear: vote Republican and get ready to fly Air Canada next time you get lucky. Why would he do that right before the red wave? Either he’d hate to lose his friends across the aisle or he’s an idiot. During election night, Lindsey said, “This doesn’t look like a red wave to me,” so I’m guessing the former… and the latter.

  3. Same old songs. I wish Victor would use these podcast for historical, or boarder issue discussions. Don’t comment on real time events. These podcasts are recorded and release days after they had already occurred. A lot of the discussions become irrelevant, or worst ridiculous. Also, highly suggest not to make voting result predictions. Conservative pundits are mostly wrong when they try to predict outcomes, especially historians. LOL I love you, Victor. I think I have to stop commenting. I am just going to listen, and shut up. But seriously, please don’t predict stock prices, and voting results.

    1. Don’t stop commenting, Phil! Your voracious appetite for self study is an encouragement to others! ‘Sides, “opposition is true friendship”!

  4. Respectfully, I could only listen to the first 15 minutes. After what happened in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania in November, do you really think what President Trump says about abortion matters? In my opinion the Senate was stolen again by election theft. Democrats could have kept the House majority as well but were afraid of the backlash. This is the last time Republicans will control anything in DC. I would bet Dems will steal back the House in 2 years. I like DeSantis but he needs to wait his turn. President Trump had his re-election stolen in 2020 and is entitled to be the 2024 nominee even though I don’t think they’ll allow any Republican to win. As far as the Freedom Caucus goes, they did get regular order back. After 6 years of no amendments on the House floor they’re allowed again. No more Omnibus Bills either. 12 Funding Bills like we used to have. You can thank the holdouts for all that. On committee assignments, Rep Mark Green was just made chair of Homeland Security Committee. He supported McCarthy on every vote. As far as candidates like Boebert go, are Katy Hobb, John Fedderman, or Kathy Hoechel of New York any better? Voters are still pretty angry about the stolen elections in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Maybe you could talk about that or what our Illegitimate Government is doing to our country. Just a thought. **DeSantis 2028**

  5. OK, we all seem to hear Trump in a differing light than you too. There are some things you should know that we know Trump says what he thinks and his “errors” are not game changers. The point is…don’t overthink the small shit.

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