Trouble Here and in England

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about trouble at 10 Downing Street, a crime wave in the US, Putin’s cost-benefit analysis, and what happened to BLM leadership and why.

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4 thoughts on “Trouble Here and in England”

  1. Thank you Victor Davis Hanson,

    You are way smarter and more conscience than anyone I have met at a bar. Listening to you feels like you speak effortlessly by being very educated and practiced in down to earth communication for the American people. A master of your craft/podcast! Please keep up the great work and stay safe.
    Thank you, Marie

  2. Re: Trouble here and in England
    If this discussion took place on 3 February, why did it take a week to be posted?
    Arnold Falk

  3. Dr. Hanson, thank you another impressive podcast. However, I am inclined to feel you were extremely kind with respect to your characterization of Boris Johnson. The twice elected lying mayor of London certainly did not receive sterling accolades for his tenure. Johnson was also was accused of plagiarism as a news reporter with a London tabloid and was subsequently terminated. In addition, he was brought up on charges of rape and he unequivocally has a well established history of imbibing alcohol excessively in the past.

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