Traveling gone awry

Join the news roundup with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc: airline incident on VDH travels, Energy Secretary Granholm proves EV unfit for long distance, Biden lying on 9/11, “insurrection” (what?), New Mexico governor bans conceal and carry, and the Iranians to receive $6 billion for prisoners.

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11 thoughts on “Traveling gone awry”

  1. Such a smart man. Love his attention to detail. Would love to meet him. He lives in my area in California. I look for him everyday on TS. Keep it coming VDH. Love you 😍


    What happened to the airline industry? The same thing that happened to everything else in America, in the whole West-WE happened. We have become so childish, over the past 50, 60 years here in the US, and a little longer in Europe. We abandoned the experience, the wisdom, the values of our grandparents, because of their failings. We are overgrown adolescents.

    You are right, Professor Hanson-people should not bring their animals on a plane with them, or oversized luggage, or all the other selfish things they do. The airline can’t do anything about it, because those people will immediately shift into tantrum mode. But that is just a hyperfocused example of the general state we’re in today.

    We need to grow up. But it might take a catastrophe to learn that lesson, and such a lesson could very well be fatal.

    “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.” You need adults, not children or overgrown adolescents.

  3. I used to love to travel, now I hate it. Even driving myself isn’t safe, people drive like they’re in a game of Grand Theft Auto. I lost a friend on the freeway, he was in the far right lane going 60, got rear ended by a guy doing about 100. On a plane, basic human courtesy seems to be abandoned altogether. Grr.

  4. VDH, as for the segregated dorms that you mentioned, I do not understand why this has not been challenged in the courts. It seems an issue of such magnitude that the SCOTUS would eventually rule on this matter, if necessary.

  5. My last commercial flights were in 2007 when my mother died, and I do not plan on flying again in whatever time I have left. When you’re required to hire pilots and controllers on the basis of race and gender and not on qualifications, you’ve lost my business. My first flight was in an Air Force C-120 “Flying Boxcar,” was a frequent flyer in the 1980s, and spent many hours in airport terminals waiting for connecting flights, weather delays or aircraft repairs. Flying was never a lot of fun even with well-qualified personnel, but it certainly went downhill between the early 1960s and my last flight in 2007.

  6. Victor,
    If you fly for a living, you never ever forget your missed approach into an airport. In my over million miles that I have flown over 40 years I have had three missed approaches into DFW airport, Austin airport and Littlerock, Arkansas Airport. To be honest there were more than skid marks on the runway. Pets it was not a pet years ago on a flight from Boston a woman purchased lobsters on ice and alive in a box, she put them under the seat. About halfway one of the lobsters thawed out, woke up and escaped the box. He moved out into the aisle and started snapping his two massive claws at passengers, was like the queen mother monster in that Sigourney Weaver monster movie. Finally, the flight attendant trapped the Lobster in one of the aft restrooms and tagged it out of service. The flight landed on time at DFW airport. Someone joked that the flight had the crabs.

  7. Victor had said that the Left does not believe in freedom of speech and never did. What it does want is social engineering. It wants the power to govern society and control people to fit its ideology. In essence, it wants to rule as a replacement for God. So much of the Left’s values and goals are directly opposed to those of the God of the Bible.

    Environmentalism Without People vs. Man Entrusted to Steward the earth, Utilze and Rule over it.

    Equity of outcome vs. Individual achievement, Personal Responsibility

    Transgenderism and Homosexuality vs. Distinctly male and female, Heterosexuality, childbearing

    Feminism vs. Male Leadership in the Family and Church

    Abortion vs. Sanctity of Human Life in the Womb

    Stealing vs. Property Rights

    Fornication vs. The Sanctity of Marriage

    Racism vs. All Made in the Image of God, All Descendant of Adam, One Race – The Human Race

    1. Illegal Immigration vs. The Rule of Law

      Lawfare vs. Justice

      Atheism, The Supremacy of Man vs. Theism, The Supremacy of God

      Totalitarianism, Statism vs. The Rule of Christ, The Kingdom of Christ

  8. Consider the published Organizational Chart for the DoT. Secretary Buttigieg has three direct reports – A Chief of Staff, an Inspector General and a Deputy Secretary. The Deputy Secretary has 22 direct reports in addition to her responsibility as Acting Director of the FAA.

    DS/Acting FAA Director Polly Trottenberg was the NYC Traffic commissioner under Bill de Blasio prior to joining DoT,. Her husband is the president of the Century Foundation, a Progressive think tank based in New York City.

    Ms Trottenberg’s Deputy Administrator Katie Thomson was VP & Associate General Counsel, Worldwide Transportation & Sustainability at Amazon prior to joining DoT.

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