Toxicity: Bureaucrats and Policy

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler take on current issues: good credit scores now bad, Fauci’s and Weingarten’s lies, debasing money and renouncing debt destroys civilization, the Sun-Maid tale, and VDH’s Fox affiliation.

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5 thoughts on “Toxicity: Bureaucrats and Policy”

  1. Victor and Jack,

    I was very intrigued to hear you talk about Tulare Lake. Could you please go over some of the history of the California Water Project and what happened to it and why.
    Why when we voted in 2014 to add water storage why didn’t we just revive parts of that plan vs whatever projects they picked, that STILL haven’t been built?
    Really love the California history so I can be informed when I talk or Tweet about our water issues and climate issues.
    I’m very much looking forward to the to Climate Change episisode you and Jack spoke about today to fill in any gaps in my own knowledge
    I will be staying in California until I die. I’ve been here 11 years this September. I live on a 12.94 acre farm I lease in the bay area in a old RR town called Knightsen. I live on 1.5 acres and lease the rest to the owner of the farm stand a couple houses down. Our goal is to buy a farm or ranch in the Central Valley area that has two homes or we can build two homes. Otherwise our son will leave for Texas or Arizona as he doesn’t think he’ll be able to buy a home here. We hope to buy big enough for 3 homes so we can entice our oldest and his wife out here as well with a free home. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but we’d like to be prepared with a little homestead where we can take care of ourselves no matter what happens in the future.

  2. Thank you Victor for sharing how you try to be careful in your speech and behavior by considering the viewer who is watching you at home on television. This is a good example for me to be aware of how I am projecting my ideas and feelings to people in daily life. Although I’m not on television, everyone I contact is still my audience including Christ who wants me to honor him in the way I treat others.

  3. Thomas O'Brien

    This was one on my favorite of your podcasts, VDH. It was largely due to your sharing your relationship with Fox News of which I am a regular viewer. Also, I enjoyed hearing how impromptu your appearances can sometimes be: you working in your garden and then minutes later washing up, and putting on your coat for TV, etc.

    I was a huge O’Reilly fan when he was at Fox. The first time I heard him, probably in 1998 I knew he was very different from what I was getting at CNN. He asked the logical questions that they would not. In those days I thought it was just do to ineptness, but i later learned it was due to them being political with an agenda.

    Sorry to hear O’Reilly’s people tried to “strong arm” into a retraction. Another disappointment I had with O’Reilly (it also includes Gingrich and Levin) is that he would advertize for the mortgage title theft company ( It seemed crazy to me. How could it be the number one cyber theft crime, as per the FBI, as they claimed? Out of concern, I made it a point of speaking to several people in the title insurance business, and they had never heard of such theft. Surely, it would make news within their industry if it was happening. So, O’Reilly, Gingrich, and Levin, shame on you for being part of this. You should believe in what you say.

  4. dennis e miller

    When govt passes laws or issues edicts that make you pay more for something, that is essentially a tax. So when Biden attempts to screw over people with good credit in getting mortgages, he is essentially taxing them. So much for not taxing anyone under $400K income. Technically it is not called a tax, so what a great scam, to make it sound like you will not make people under $400K pay more to the govt, yet you do so by other round-about means. Such deception and chicanery.

  5. Yet another flash of your authenticity: telling your audience what a live TV broadcast looks like where and when the cameras don’t shoot.

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