Tom Cotton, Tragic Hero

Despite the value of his open letter, he will become Obama’s scapegoat when the Iran negotiations inevitably fail.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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20 thoughts on “Tom Cotton, Tragic Hero”

  1. Joe Cotton is a hero. flat out, no words can take that away. He had the courage to speak truth when it was most needed regardless of consequences. At the root of what ails this Great Country are the many so called leaders, who will not stand up and deal with the fundamentals of the problems because of fear of the fight led by media and socialist propaganda. Good soldiers and good leaders do not run from the enemy, they take them on and fight. Even just a dozen more like him could make a big difference.

  2. Obama indicated today that there won’t even be a written agreement. Just a handshake among gentlemen and a verbal nod.

      1. That would make sense. From there the US side of the “Treaty” will be enforced by the fits the activist Left would pitch.

        I do have to say that’s a bargain-basement “legacy”.

  3. Its not often I find myself in disagreement with the valued insoght of Prof Hanson.

    For my money, Tom Scott did exactly right. History will remember it correctly. Scott STOPPED worrying about what Obama thought or said (….who cares…hes a traitor?) and focused on stopping Obamas clear intent …letting Iran become a nuclear power.

    Mr Scott put the nation (and our strongest of allies) above politics….he’ll be remembered for THAT.

  4. Repubs like Cotton are occupying our government via bought and stolen “elections.”
    He committed treason in interfering with the work of our world diplomat, the president,
    That’s two strikes against the arrogant traitor.
    Clearly, he’s a mouthpiece for profiteering war mongers who will have their way when they steal the Whitehouse in 2016.
    It’s terribly sad for our nation that supposedly intelligent people support this criminal and destructive takeover of our nation.

  5. my very dear sir:

    i am somewhat amused in all of this, and absolutely amazed that no one seems to have sufficient memory to recall then u.s. senator barack obama’s blunders in trying to engage in “foreign policy” while in the senate.

    it was all memorialized by joel klein, in a wonderful send up of obama’s presidential ambitions, praising him for his statesmanlike demeanor. do you not remember the incident?

    it was when obama offered to be an intermediary between raila o’dinga and his opposition for the presidency of kenya. (dick morris helped odinga on his campaign, as well. quite an assemblage.)

    o’dinga is/was, of course, obama’s “cousin.” (o’dinga’s and obama’s go back several generations, cheek to jowl.)

    obama’s efforts turned sour on him, when o’dinga’s backers torched a christian church, w/ christians inside it, in the strife that followed o’dinga’s loss. even as staunch a “liberal” as joel klein backed away from that mess.

    obama even went so far as to travel to kenya to stump for o’dingas election, and there are several rather famous photos of obama w/ o’dinga while the later campaigned. odd, how obama doesn’t bring that up. and, odd, how no one seems to remember the incident.

    apparently, not even joel klein.

    john jay

  6. This is really fun watching Obama at his most inept quality, that being simple strategy. Besides the 47 Republicans there will be plenty of Democratic Senators that will back the Cotton letter. He will lose half his own party with a bad deal. But Obama has also divulged that Israel has thermonuclear weapons. If the Israelis had announced that they would be considered crude bullies. Obama has done Israel’s dirty work. He has just strengthened Israel immeasurably by his nasty and ignorant spite. Even the Iranians can figure out that if Israel already has a bomb 1,000 times more powerful than the one they are trying to build they have picked the wrong country and leader to bully. I almost feel bad for Obama because for sure those loony mullahs in Iran are going to take it out on him for denying them what now appears to be a pop gun while the little satan has the real heavy artillery. The mullahs might even start to have doubts about whose side Obama is really on.

  7. There’s nothing tragic about an honorable man doing the right thing in a matter that requires personal courage.

    I’m afraid that the good professor has misused “the word tragic” in this case.

    How about the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence?

    Five signers were captured by the British as traitors and tortured before they died.

    Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.

    Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured.

    Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

    They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

    These men were not tragic characters. They were heroes, men like Tom Cotton.

  8. Proudly Unaffiliated

    Memo to Sen. Cotton: Thank you and keep punching Obama in the face whenever you can. It is clear to me that Obama, as the malevolent head of, is the greatest threat to life, liberty and property on the planet, so stop him, derail him, disrupt him., distract him, slow him down from the damage he is doing to individuals world-wide. It is God’s work and we wish you Godspeed.

  9. Obama’s foreign policy has some things in common with carbon monoxide. It is colorless (unlike domestic policy), odorless (some might disagree), and tasteless, slightly lighter than air and invisible. The significant difference between the two is that carbon monoxide kills silently while the killing resulting from Obama’s foreign policy is becoming noisier by the day. While crap is continuously hitting the fan, standing behind it may not be the best policy to maintain.

  10. Maybe the Reps have finally found a decent man to run for president. It took guts to pen this letter. I don’t think Tom would ever ‘lead from behind’ (as if that were even possible, as Obama has proved, it’s not).

  11. I would agree completely with this except for one thing…Obama is simply not going to let the negotiations fail, no matter how bad the deal is for the US and it’s allies. I can see that there is virtually nothing Iran can demand that Obama won’t cave to immediately. This ‘deal’ is all Obama has and Cotton simply brought it to the world’s attention.

  12. Question:

    Why such ineptness in the conduct of negotiating a significant and consequential process in the early 21st century? Does the administration really trust those fellows in the other chairs?

    Certainly the machinations will continue. Who’s kidding who? Iran wants that ‘bomb and I believe they will not by play rules or by any negotiated agreement. They’ll be time later on for them to decree that things done by them in relation to any agreement would be a a matter of ‘interpretation’. We can dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s but I’d bet there will be much obfuscation later on. All from ‘bumbleblunders’ in the conduct of these negotiations by the administration.

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