To the Left-wing, N-U-T-S!

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss having it both ways on Afghanistan, chaos in France, the origin of the word “chaos”, and cancel culture assailing both the use of “ladies” and the Audubon Society.

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13 thoughts on “To the Left-wing, N-U-T-S!”

  1. In regard to the Afghanistan catastrophe, and all the other debacles of the Biden administration, it seems to me they’ve adopted a three-part strategy to deal with such things. First, they utterly deny that anything bad has happened, or portray it as much ado about nothing. This is successful for a while with the help of the media wing of the Democratic party. Eventually though, this strategy runs out of steam, and they move to the next strategy, which is to admit this bad thing did happen, but it’s actually the fault of Donald Trump and the Republicans. This sustains itself for a time, until the third and final part of the strategy is employed: Yes, this did occur, but it was actually a great success that is attributable to our great brilliance. This is the claim going forward in perpetuity, and no doubt describes how it will be written in the history books. Of course, in a normal world, this is a pathetic strategy that would never work. One thing the Democrats know for sure though is that this is not a normal world. It might be a pitiful strategy, but it seems to work for them just about 100% of the time.

  2. Those who blame others for their own missteps are weak of character and lack morals. It’s what the leftists do to defer any scrutiny of irresponsible and destructive decisions. When they lie once, how can they be trusted again? Jack, your salutation of “Ladies and Gentlemen” at the beginning of the podcast is a greeting of respect directed at the listening audience. I so appreciate your politeness and it’s such a privilege to be invited as a guest to your conversations. Blessings to you both.


      That is absolutely perfect1 I can see him played by William Zabka or Mark Metcalf. Well done, Dude!

  3. Stephen MacDonald

    Whilst listening to your podcast it struck me that every single institution in our Govt. lies to us as a norm. The truth is the exception, even about the weather/climate. For a while, I had a faint & naive hope that, especially after the turmoil of Speaker selection, that at least the Republican caucus in the House would be different (not even the faintest hope for the Senate). Speaker McCarthy’s recent comments about anything required for Ukraine, put that hope to rest – in spite of pre Speaker kerfuffle promises and Gang of 8 briefings + the perilous (absurdly so) state of our finances.
    You talk to key people on a regular basis. Do they: a) think we are a nation of imbeciles with even short term memory challenges, or b) they simply do not care, or c) All of the above.
    I truly am perplexed, as I don’t see how the absolute disrespect can continue, without something(s) fundamentally breaking. Assuming they haven’t already.

  4. for jack – Battlefields in Europe. I suggest you also swing past Ypres in Belgium, a city essentially destroyed in two of the great battles of WWI. Be sure to visit the Menen Gate at the city entrance, which honors 50K soldiers who died in the battle of Ypres and whose bodies were never identified. if you drive around the area you will come across small cemeteries, usually British, dotting the farmland. very moving.

    Further note: Just this past week a dear friend of ours, Thadius Crapster, a name to remember, died in Norfolk at the age of 108. Thad WAS BORN THE WEEK WORLD WAR I STARTED. And until very recently, he was as articulate as you or me [of at least me; you get a higher rating]..

  5. barbara deSpan

    Re the Audobon Society: Years ago I subscribed to their magazine. One article told of an experiment that they did with Ravens. They used ‘masks of people’s faces’ to cover a person’s face and then did bad things (as I remember) to see if the bird would recognize the person or the face & avoid that face. One of the masks they used was Dick Cheney and of course they ridiculed ‘te he, te he’ Cheney and made him the villain. I cancelled my subscription and told them why. I’m sure they didn’t give a damn. Sad, it was a beautiful magazine but they couldn’t stop themselves from pushing their ideology. I give big $ now to Ducks Unlimited. thanks for listening! barb

  6. There was much needed discussion about civility in manner, words, dress, then the profanity and loose language followed. This has been increasing during the past year. We are not juveniles, or worse, old guys being cute.

    1. No, Victor is just using a West Coast dialect where words that offend in your dialect don’t give offense. See also Jack and Megyn Kelly’s New York dialect. If you really want to see something, go to England where you can throw around the F-word but will get tossed out for saying s-h-a-g.

      1. No. I have lived all over the United States, Puerto Rico, and Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia, and Ireland and Scotland. Mother from New Jersey, father from Texas, father in law from the Ozarks. Worked and managed blue collar for forty-two years. Nice try though.

        1. No. You’re wrong about how language works. New England, Old England, West Africa, L.A., the American South, worked with blue collar and white collar. Your arrogance is unwarranted as is your linguistic Fundamentalism. Let it go.

  7. I am thankful to have known America in better times. We were a more united people having a more common identity. We believed in our founding, were bound by our principles, and took pride in our successes. We were never perfect nor could we be but took satisfaction in knowing that most
    Americans strove to do the right thing.

    Alas, times have changed. Our people have changed. Our culture has changed. Our government has changed. We now call evil good and good evil. We were never all Christians but as a nation, we assumed a biblical worldview that held us together and now we fight against it.

    I am sorry to see our country’s deterioration. I believe that our hope as individuals and as a nation lies in a right relationship with God. We are all sinners, but in his love, God has made it possible to be reconciled to him. He came to earth as a man, Jesus Christ, to die on a cross to pay the penalty for our sin so that we might experience forgiveness and eternal life with him. We must turn from our sin and trust in Christ as our Lord and savior.

    There is hope in troubled times. Psalm 43:5 states; “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.”

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