Things That Are Not: from “Cheapfakes” to “War Crimes”

Listen in to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc to look at the week’s news: New York appellate court upholds Trump gag order, Biden’s last-ditch effort at the border and “cheapfakes,” Putin and North Korea’s strategic pact, Netanyahu accused of “war crimes,” California mayors in trouble, Göring record in WWII, and Willie Mays RIP.

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6 thoughts on “Things That Are Not: from "Cheapfakes" to "War Crimes"”

  1. Richard Borgquist

    The Giants & Dodgers played their first West Coast games in 1958.
    Also 1958 – Big Three Cars [GM, FORD, Chrysler] came out with Four Headlights on their cars.
    I still have a stamped Duke Snider mitt.
    Went to Candlestick circa 1986 and it was warm.
    Had to hold my coat in my lap and wished I had left it in the car.
    BTW — on Law-Fare.
    Not only is Trump vulnerable but also common citizens:
    Jan 6th
    Parents at School Board meetings [Gender].
    Free Speech?

  2. Cheapfakes! Thanks for pushing back on a truly comic twist on media coverage. Let’s start this conversation with President Biden’s second video challenging Donald Trump to two debates: 13 seconds with five jump cuts. And that’s not even Exhibit One.

  3. No doubt about it, Sami adds sparkle to VDH’s encyclopedic outpourings. But she missed her chance for a classic sign-off following his recounting watching Willie Mays play ball while young Victor wore a corduroy jacket & clip-on tie.
    She might have said, “Thanks for the memory.”

    Of course, Bob Hope was well before her time.


    What you’re talking about, around 40 to 43 minutes in, Professor, is what Dennis Prager described as follows:

    The Greatest Generation survived the Great Depression, and fought the Second World War. It defeated Nazism, Fascism, Japanese imperialism. It eventually defeated Soviet Communism, too. It sacrificed tremendously to do this. So when its members got the opportunity to start their own families, they said, “We want our children to have everything we didn’t have.” And they gave their children the things that they didn’t have when they were children. But in doing so, they failed to give their children the one thing they did have. That was their values.

    I think that’s an astute description, and I subscribe to it.

    I think we probably can’t fix the mess we’re in, because it’s not just a matter of voting for this or that candidate or party. It will require a fundamental renewal of virtues that are prerequisites for a successful constitutional republic and free society. It requires most if not all to act like adults. But that’s hard to do. Our nature is seduced by ease, by comfort, by abdicating responsibility for ourselves to others only too glad to have that power.

    I think we may have let things get too far, past a point of no return.

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