Things Fall Apart

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss the dysfunctional Left: the Hutchinson testimony, Democrat’s plaintive culture, and Gavin Newsom.

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12 thoughts on “Things Fall Apart”

  1. I didn’t listen to the podcast. I think I know what it’s about.

    A couple of years ago when Democrat mobs burned blue cities, Democrat mayors and governors encouraged them, ordered the cops to stand down, posted bail and didn’t press charges. They also told Trump his help wasn’t wanted. People on the right were reasonably surprised.

    Not this time. Let them burn their cities to the ground.

    1. Gareth D. Noren

      Hi Lew, purpose is to be helpful. Recommend listening first, before guessing and attempting to make relevant comments. Sincerely, G

      1. You are correct. I listened.

        Let me begin by wishing Dr Hanson a full and speedy recovery. I have been a reader/follower for over 10 years and he stands alone among conservative intellectuals(IMO)

        I particularly enjoy how he uses his knowledge of history to create societal and civilizational context for events transpiring in real time.

        Although over the last couple of years i have found the consistent pessimism for our/the future an inescapable primary theme

        As such I have come to believe that we have past a point of no return with the left and as such they cannot be dealt with as rational actors.

        One observation that Dr Hanson made that has stayed with me for years ( i paraphrase) is the left possesses a therapeutic view of human nature. I wonder if he would still think that true of the current group of authoritarians who seem to speak for the left.

        Sorry to speak this negatively so close to the 4th of July. If you have an alternative with a happy ending that preserves the Union, individual freedom and the vision of the founders, please share it


          Thank you Lew, fully appreciate the perspective. We must prevail. The left has forged its own demise and their transgressions will follow them. “United we stand, divided we fall” traces back to 6th Century B.C. Adhering to the patriotic process that codified our nation “preserves the Union, individual freedom and the vision of the founders”. We will become immensely stronger than we had ever been before. Happy Independence Day. VB, G

  2. Define “Marxist Politics”. In Texas, I’ve repeatedly been called a Marxist for voting for Bush and Romney. My experience in that State is that Texans use Marxist the way other people use Fascist: “That SOB to the left of me”.

  3. And as far as Gavin Newsom’s looks go: don’t worry Sami, we know there’s only one bad boy that counts on this podcast ( unless someone has a thing for Han Solo she wants to confess. Those tight space pants! Yowza!)

  4. Carroll Morrison

    Mr Hanson My prayer in earnest would be that all the federal government- FBI CDC NIH NIAID CIA EXECUTIVEs, congress, Senate, FDA , esp. J. Fellen and all that would have half the brain fog of you. We would be normal and our country, our lifestyles, our bank accounts our mental health, our future saved.

  5. I don’t think it ought to be underestimated the quantity of people choosing not to work because they refuse to endure Covid workplace rules as masking and in some cases mandatory vaccinations, both of these which are seen to be ridiculous and positively unhealthful at this point.

  6. Carmel Aucoin

    Gavin sounds like a cheapskate ….. ever put his head next to JP Getty’s?
    Newsome father worked for him ….. he(JP)was ultra cheap!

  7. Dr. Hanson,

    I hope you get well soon. My wife and I, both 72, caught the covid virus, probably Omicron BA.5, despite being vaxxed twice and boosted. We have recovered fairly quickly, probably b/c we were vaxxed. I hope you get better soon, too.

    We need your precise analysis, your clear presentation skills, and your strong voice. You are the best.

    Stay strong!

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