Things a Little Murky in Politics

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Jill Biden’s influence, the attack on Paul Pelosi, Florida’s rejection of an African-American Studies AP exam, and how “over-classification” has become a new mantra since the Biden files discovery.

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12 thoughts on “Things a Little Murky in Politics”

  1. Megyn Kelly’s Feb 1st podcast does a good slow walk through the Paul Pelosi thing. She comes down on the side that it’s a nothing burger fueled by police (local police trying to cover for each other)and media (she blames both conservative and liberal).

    I think Mike Pence isn’t throwing any bones to Trump because he still believes that Trump was trying to get him injured or killed on January 6th or at best didn’t care if what he said happened to have those results.

    I wouldn’t pick Tucker as a reliable source of information, let alone political positions. Boris Johnson publicly sized him up in 30 seconds. A quick read through the comments section on the related article from NRO should be enough to jog the memory regarding Tucker’s status as a hypocritical, grifting, entertainer.

  2. Kathy wife of Claude

    No comment just trying to log on. I seem to always be asked for a new password. I have better things do then mess around with
    computer passwords. I get a password accepted then next time I try to log then I have to come up with a new one, and I have paid $50 for this year of frustration.
    Better quit or I will get labeled as an Angry Reader. I like your books I look forward to the next one.

    1. I had the same problem but then I get on anyways. Something is messed up but I will stick with it regardless, I love VDH. I feel that every time I listen I learn something new. And Victor’s voice is Calm and soothing! Sometimes Tucker gets really upset and he gets so angry that I get angry as well!

  3. Great Podcast as usual. Have a question. Your theme song is “Gary Owens”. How did you come to choose that music? That was the theme music of Custer’s, 7th Calvary. We all know how he and they turned out. Just asking!

  4. It sounded like Victor is finally coming around. I have unwavering support for Trump. He’s the only candidate in my adult life that I never felt the need to defend him, or to donate to his campaign. But I will 100% support and vote for him. I hope Desantis won’t go down like Jeb Bush. It’d be a shame. He seems to have such a bright future. But a man got to know his limitations. No one is going to beat Trump in the primary, except God.

  5. Paul Pelosi’s behavior is not surprising for an rich elderly lush, I bet he appeared in court holding a drink when he wrecked his Porsche. Not as charming a figure as Dino Martino, for sure.

    I’m pretty sure Boris Johnson hasn’t read a room or anything else correctly since Brexit. Any incisive comment he makes is probably accidental. At least he’s bought a gentler weed whacker (for Greta’s sake, I hope it wasn’t a 2-stroke) for his hair.

    In fairness, Tucker’s success can be partially attributed to the general lack of original intellect in the news business in general and political punditry in particular. One question his detractors never answer is whether they have a problem when he shows his work.

    I saw a funny meme today, which said, “Remember Californians, you are refugees, not missionaries. Love, Texas.”

    It’s too bad 45 can’t use “blueprint” in his campaign, I think Joke has stolen it.

    Maybe some “Comprehensive Classification Reform” language might show up in the debt ceiling negotiations.

    Regarding respect for the American people, I think The Swamp doesn’t care, we’re already a round-eyed China.

    So watcha gonna do bout it? Is Congress prohibited from using bounty hunters to bring summoned people to a hearing?

    1. Boris is an entitled elite but, when he’s sober, he knows a hawk from a handsaw. Maybe a few years in the political dustbin will wash the drunk Oxford Union bro look off his face and he’ll have a comeback.

      I think your take on Tucker is fair. I’d play up the hypocritical grifter angle more, but you’re right that when actually acts like a journalist, he can produce. My bad for leaving that out last time.

      Dude, many US citizens don’t have round eyes! Many “white” folk from Eastern Europe or the stans don’t have “round eyes”. “Round eyed chi coms” is something my wannabe-stoner nudist college roommate (The Dude) would have said and got blasted for 20 years ago. It was racist and insensitive then. Now it’s racist and just plain nonsensical. Do it for Elsa: Let it Go!

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