The Wreck of Progressivism

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they talk over the economy, Steve Bannon and the January-6th Committee, and don’t miss the analysis of military recruitment and crisis.

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8 thoughts on “The Wreck of Progressivism”

  1. There are forces within the United States that intentionally decided to diminish the vital components of the US. Politicians were already viewed as a group to be distrusted. Next the first responders, police, fire, EMT were demonized in the wake of the 2020 riots. Next were the Military were attacked as racist. Long gone are the applause and the “thank you for your service” for police, fire, first responder then the military. This is exactly what these anti-patriots have plotted and achieved.

    1. I missed the answer about “Mad Dog” ( self given nicknames are great ). But I get it, you know these guys and have respect for them. I don’t.

  2. jack podolski

    We all know something is gone very wrong.
    We are plagued with misinformation
    We have lost our balance and courage for truth and have inverted much of what is good as evil. Victory Hanson is a beam of clarity and solution and hope.

  3. Dear Prof. Hanson:
    You are a lucid source of contemporary political and military failure.
    Dan Bongino offers similar pitical and cultural insights from a non academic perspective. Both views are enlightening and provocative.
    The issues have been accurately diagnosed by many informed of

  4. John Manspeaker

    An enlightening hour as per usual. Professor Hanson, don’t worry about being branded as a ranter, you are just telling it like it is. As for “chewing gum and dancing at the same time,” I was reminded of LBJ’s “clean” comment about Gerald Ford…

  5. Daniel Steele

    USNA ’74
    80% of my classmates are livid with our current crop of Flags.
    Sample comment:
    “All of us who served know the grit and grind of the service. The prep and pressure of operations, the drilling, the teamwork. Whatever they’re doing now may just seem so clubby, and dare I say “woke,” but when the shit hits the fan, all that feel good is going to blow up. That’s what it feels like to me. I hope it doesn’t come to pass. But it sure as hell doesn’t sound like the building of a fighting force to me.” D. Vogel

    1. Your comment reminded me of a Marine sargeant who, during a US Embassy party with too many drinks in him, said to me: “In the heat of battle ‘fragging’ happens to the weak ones.” I learned a new word–and lesson–that day. War really does mean the failure of diplomacy.

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