The Weaker Power

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson as he answers listeners’ questions with cohost Jack Fowler: why not boycott China, what does VDH think of “Band of Brothers” and the historian’s craft, and thoughts on military strategy of the weaker power.

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8 thoughts on “The Weaker Power”


    Aha! In this one, you get to discussing boycotting the PRC, “Band of Brothers”, and strategies employed by a weaker power in a war.
    By the way, If you watch the old BBC series, “The World at War”, you can see that young hippy version of Stephen Ambrose. When I learned about his plagiarism, it made me think that it calls all of his content into question. And that’s sad, given the otherwise compelling stories he told.

  2. Regarding the American Civil War, I have always thought that one of the reasons that the North won was, in addition to industrial might, the fact that many of the soldiers in the East had been factory workers who were used to taking orders and working in larger groups/teams while the Confederates, even though they rode better and shot better (excepting Sherman’s midwestern soldiers) weren’t used to taking orders from anyone and were more likely to state that, when the bluebellies got to their farms, they would get Jethro and BillyBob and go kill them. Along that line, I read that the North had a higher percentage of eligible men in their armies (admittedly from the draft as well as volunteers) than did the Confederacy. This assertion was made to counter the argument that the North just had more people.

  3. The queen has died, long live king charles III. Just like that the prince has became king through no hard work of his own, no election, purely on blood line. Though they say the monarch is just a figure head, and holds no real power, it still seems like a very powerful antithesis to merits, and the will of the people.

    1. The UK Monarchy is a business which, amongst other things, contributes about $2.7 billion annually to the UK economy through tourism, etc. (according to Forbes). The “will of he people” is to keep the tourists coming.

  4. Pockets were heavy with the fortune dug from the ground. Blood, sweat and tears. As the ship capsized he was thrown into the water with the rest of the passengers. He knew he had to let go of the gold, but he hesitated. He who hesitates is lost.

  5. Hi Victor and Jack.
    I’m making this short and without explanation points which Victor hates.
    Wonderful analysis in your latest podcast of small country vs big country in wars; offensive vs. defensive postures.
    Considering WWII, what would be your criticism of Hitler attacking Russia, when he knew that Russia was prepared to attack Germany in the second or third week of July?
    The book, Stalin’s Plans of Extermination by J. Hoffmann explored this subject with credible evidence. Ice-Breaker is another book, and others sharing similar thoughts.
    Aside from our continued anti-Hitler attitudes, what was the poor man to do, given this real threat?
    Thank you,
    Ezio Maiolini

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