The Waning of Trust in Our Leaders

In this episode, Victor and Jack talk about weaponizing government institutions in general and the FBI-Hunter computer conspiracy, responses to the economic crisis, green energy blindness, and China’s threat and farm land purchases.

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13 thoughts on “The Waning of Trust in Our Leaders”

  1. The Woke movement, and the Climate Change narrative have one thing in common. Those who knew better failed to speak out in large enough numbers to successfully oppose the madness.

    As “Global Warming” morphed into “Climate Change”, historians should have been outraged with Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick. The Medieval Warm Period is well documented and supported by virtually every test of its existence. Greenland, for example, was warm enough to be colonized. There should be no doubt about any of this. It was observed across at least the Northern Hemisphere. But few spoke out. Every child in Canada was forced to attend indoctrination sessions based on the hockey stick. Crickets.

    The Climate Models are based on a magical “Sensitivity Coefficient”. It is presumed that a tiny bit of heating by increased CO2 will manifest itself as a huge increase in water vapor. But this is nonsense. If a little CO2 heating has such an effect, then a tiny bit of water vapor heating would have the same effect. This would be a positive feedback, and we wouldn’t be here to argue about such things if that was true. Further, data on atmospheric composition over geologic time scales shows that CO2 follows warming. It does not cause it. And yet few scientists have spoken out against the madness.

    You like to speak of the need to speak softly and carry a big stick if one wished to deter war with belligerent opponents. Truth can deter madness, no need for a stick. But silence doesn’t work.

  2. Thank you for your commentary – at the same rate and caliber as always – even while you continue to battle the long term effects of covid/covid vax. I can’t imagine the difficulty. I am younger and was infected only once 2 years ago – not vaxxed – and still suffer airway/breathing issues. It takes an hour of cardio and weights every morning, in addition to massive amounts of caffeine, to face the day feeling somewhat normal and strong, so I am in awe of your persistent fight. With that said, I would disagree that the FBI/CIA are rotten only at the top, but instead are rotten to the core. A few whistle-blowers in the past few years of tyranny? No, they are entirely corrupt, and a top to bottom flush is needed and required. I’d sooner draw names from the phone book to replace them all than what we have now.

  3. The CRT wokery is perfectly described as a virus. Like a virus, it misappropriates all the functions of whatever body it penetrates to the reproduction of itself. When that body dies, it’s life and vitality parasited, the virus spreads onto another body. It will not stop until the entire West is destroyed (for which the propagators of the virus will accept not one nanogram of responsibility), or until they are stopped. We are still in denial – it’s just a cold, it will pass. No, it’s a tumour that has metastasised throughout our body. It may already be too late.


    Shortly after Pear Harbor, my dad enlisted in the US Army a few days after he turned 18. Before he turned 21, he had participated in assaults on three islands, helped rescue almost 4,000 prisoners held in Manila, had a hand grenade explode spewing shrapnel into his face, and had been awarded a Purple Heart for two wounds suffered, and earned a medal second only to the Medal of Honor. When West Point tried to recruit my borderline genius son (his grandson), I called my father. His response upon hearing of West Point’s interest surprised me: “Don’t let him do it. The politicians will throw his life away.” My son said no to the military academy. I thank God and my father for influencing my son’s decision. He ultimately secured a Division I full football scholarship at a Big Ten University. Later, he graduated with honors from law school and has enjoyed great success ever since. My dad passed away 11 years ago. I cannot imagine what he would say if he witnessed what has happened to the military since then.

  5. erik vestville

    How that imbecile Biden got into the office of president will be known one day but now it is a mystery. HE IS A VIRUS AND SO IS HIS CRETIN V.P. Brace for impact . I weep for America.

  6. erik vestville

    JOE BIDEN IS A MOST ABOMINABLE DISGRACE TO THIS COUNTRY – AND SO IS HIS V.P. I want to run for the tall grass or the “grassy knoll’

  7. Health officials don’t talk about this publicly but otherwise healthy individuals between 40 and 60 years old appear to be dying of heart attacks at an inordinate rate. In my part of the world since the mandatory Covid vaccines at least one surprise death by heart attack has been occurring every other week. In fact a healthy coworker just died of a heart attack in his sleep just yesterday. A friend of mine who is a pharmaceutical researcher indicated that as the vaccines are RNA based and are modifying some DNA in the mitochondria the true breath and scope of the side-effects may not be known for years or…could be clearly apparent by as early as the end of this year. This may be the reason China is not using a mRNA vaccine. Once again, thank you Joe Biden for your low IQ.

  8. What are the odds that a virus developed out of thin air in Wuhan right next door to a laboratory doing research on precisely that same type of virus? I demand reparations. God knows what the long term effects of the vaccine are, let alone the virus. This is the greatest outrage since the holocaust.

  9. Charles Carroll

    Dr. Hanson speaks to drilling (and fracking) but I read that we don’t have the refineries to process the crude and haven’t built any (or many) in about 40 years. President Biden took medium sour crude out of the reserve to sell when that is the type of oil we can process domestically. Sweet light has to be sent off-shore to be refined (from what I read). Please start urging refinery construction. It is a holistic problem; crude doesn’t do us any/much good. The whole process is required.

    Small point. Dr. Hanson referred several times, from Thoroughly Modern Milley’s point of view, of “his” theatre commanders. Actually in this podcast he did once and not the second time. Just want to emphasize the they aren’t “his”. They are “the” theatre commanders.

  10. “In our nation’s 246 year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump.” Dick Cheney

    This is why we don’t trust our leaders, because of guys like Mr. Dick Cheney. Victor how do you feel about having defended this guy? Politic is really like stories told in gangster, and western movies. Most are cowards, and plenty lust for power and wealth through any means necessary. And, once in a while you have a guy like Trump who is courageous, eccentric, and capable decided to blow up the scheme/cartel for the betterment of the helpless person.

  11. I thought going back into people’s pasts and looking for things that don’t jive with the current Orthodoxy and then demanding that they confess their wrong-think was something Progressive Maoists did…

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