The Unclear Strategy in Ukraine

Listen as Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Sami Winc discuss Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine and the lack of a clear strategy for victory. They also talk about about stormy California and water.

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14 thoughts on “The Unclear Strategy in Ukraine”

  1. Victor and Sami, I enjoyed listening to your podcast about world events, what’s happening in Ukraine, and other relevant topics. It is refreshing that you provide substantive, thought provoking material. Most media outlets typically provide information-deplete articles which often are a distraction. Yes, the weather here in the west is astounding. Where I live the snow has been overwhelming (but much needed). Take care and be safe. Blessings to both of you.

  2. Good job shifting blame to Biden and Putin, where it belongs, and leaving the Ukrainian people and Zelenskyy out of it for a change.

    It might be nice to add that it’s just possible that Zelenskyy’s constant and public (key word)badgering for aid might have its source in Biden’s foot-dragging and untrustworthiness. Might be nice too if Sami tells us why she keeps calling it “The Ukraine,” which is pretty insulting to Ukrainians. It happens too often to be merely a slip of the tongue. Finally, does Victor think there might be a link to the decrease in polls numbers supporting aid to Ukraine and the constant barrage he, the Right Wing Media, the Paleoconservatives and other isolationists, etc. have been engaging in every day on this issue since May? Joe Biden and his crew are inept, but it isn’t as if there haven’t been loads of people on the Right willing to take advantage of the situation to try and gut their Progressive enemies (not that I mind the Progies being routed, I just want to make sure I know who’ll be in charge when they’re out). Those are my gripes.

    On the whole, in spite of his habitual DOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!(TM), I see Victor is working mightily to be fair and even handed in this difficult matter, and I want to end with giving him “props” for that; it really is appreciated.


      Yeah, I’ve commented several times, too, about Sami and “the Ukraine”.
      I think Jack Fowler is the better host.

      1. I think Jack and Sami have different strengths, but Victor allows Jack to use his while often treading on Sami’s. It’s like Victor is Russia, Jack is old buddy China, and provoking Sami is “The Ukraine” who has to be “kept down”. We commenter’s are NATO, but you can pick if you want to be US, UK, Hungary, or Turkey.


    That anecdote about the athletes who just say things because people tell ’em to, doesn’t say very much about them as men, does it. Rather, it confirms my observation that we’re a society of overgrown adolescents. Those overgrown teenagers think that saying someone tells them to say woke things excuses them. It’s as poor an excuse-but just as typical of a teenager-as saying, “Well, everybody else was doing it!”

    We long ago passed the point Ben Franklin implied when he replied to Mrs. Powel, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

  4. The United States was winning in Vietnam and the North was on the verge of surrendering. It might have been that the Nixon resignation had a lot to do with the beginning of our retreat but in my opinion, the media, especially Walter Cronkite and Eric Sevareid and their nightly CBS TV bombardment of anti war, anti US military rhetoric to the American people had as much to do with our Viet Nam loss – if not a greater negative influence on the moral of the American people – than the lack of American government leadership.

  5. Putin is an evil tyrant. It will prove to be a disastrous mistake if the USA and NATO push him into choosing between accepting total defeat and retreat OR using nuclear weapons.

    1. At this point, Putin has lost his cred and is rapidly aging. Analysts have repeatedly said that if he orders a strike, his cronies won’t do it. There also looks to be an attempt to pin any failures on either Shoigu or the Wanger Group. Shoigu is sweating and Prigozhyn is defiant, but the Oligarchy knows they have to hedge their bets for a)a power struggle if Putin dies or goes down b)to get the hell out of dodge if Putin starts pining the failure to take Ukraine on them. The only way these Oligarchs are letting Putin push the button is if they believe that they’re all going to die anyway. Finally, remember that the most ardent countries in terms of aiding Ukraine in Europe are those who are most likely to face TOTAL ANNIHILATION if the nukes fly. The fact that England and Poland and the Baltics keep pushing argues that their military and civilian leaders think it’s a snowball’s chance in Hell Putin will be ALLOWED to push the button.

  6. William Brunhofer

    There needs to be balance in reporting on Ukraine and Zelensky. The history of the country and US meddling in elections needs to be given air. I expect a military and history to give it a proper hearing. Yet, Hansen also misses the mark in failing to point out US sanctioned and funded BioLabs which Diplomat Victoria Nuland admitted publicly but the media and historian pundits like Hansen ignore. Then there is the Biden connection, both Hunter and Joe, and a financil connection to a company involved in BioLab funding. Not to mention a deep dive into the origin and backers of Zelensky, his rise to power and election. Lastly, the corrupt Zelensky administration carries on that tradition colluding with the Neo-nazi groups which has been reported, yet no MSM is concerned with.

    1. They’re not concerned with it because, as the issue now stands, there is no credible evidence that these aren’t Russian sown conspiracy theories. Why are you so concerned with airing any potential Ukrainian dirty laundry? Are you an isolationist who feels that the case for isolationism itself won’t sell and so the Ukrainians must be discredited? Are you simply Pro-Russian? Are you fill-in-the-blank? Why is it important that the Ukrainians be “perfect victms” or else shady thugs?

      1. In addition to “racist”, “xenophobic”, “climate denier”, election denier”, and “trans-phobic” we can throw in “isolationist”.

        James LeBot, this appears to be your “tell”. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Just an observation. If you think that shame-labeling others helps your cause, then by all means stick with it.

        I do not think that it helps much with this crowd. Just my opinion.

        1. Is there a better term than “isolationist”? Honestly, tell me what you would prefer and I’ll try and make use of it. Oh, and why am I the only one you bother to tone police?

  7. The Russo-Ukraine war eerily reminds me of the situation right before the start of world war 1. I recall learning that the leaders of the great allied and empire alliances ineptly underestimated the actions of each other and mobilization of forces and blind adherence to alliances suddenly thrust the continent into a terrible, lengthy and deadly war when most combatant nations and their naive citizens were blinded by honor and glory to engage in a swift war. Today’s inept leaders and uneducated naive people have us at the brink of full war again based on assumptions developed in a 20th century bipolar Cold War mindset. Those who do not know and understand history are doomed to repeat it. But now we have nuclear weapons. How eerie it would be if launch of nukes would be the equivalent of massive mobilization of forces on the front before cooler heads prevailed in 1914

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